My Favorite Things: Gargoyles

Name: Jennifer Brozek

Current obsession: Gargoyles

It started with a picture: Gargoyles by Michael Parks.


Gargoyle004Thus began a love of gargoyles that harkened back to my time in Belgium where the weight of history rested upon the architecture that surrounded me on a daily basis. It’s this picture, a love of old stone, and a long-ago legend about gargoyles being angels of protection in a hideous guise, that keeps my obsession alive.


I have surrounded my house in gargoyles; on the roof, in the front and back yards, within my house, even on my desk. They are the guardians of my daydreams and nightmares. They allow me my flights of fancy and a mental security that is within my mind alone. I do not truly believe they are alive, but from time to time, I pretend they are.Gargoyle005a

Gargoyle006Never have I, and never will I, write about gargoyles as evil or malevolent. In my series, the Karen Wilson Chronicles, the gargoyles are always there—watching, waiting, protecting, caring. Every single time I’m out and about and I see one, I stop and look. Gargoyles are a happy obsession.



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Dave Strom
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