My Favorite Things: Comics

by Emerian Rich

Name: Dave M. Strom

Current obsession: Comics


comicbook-closetMy current obsession is writing. But I have had a comic book obsession for longer. For decades, I have bought (and keep buying) about 4 to 7 per week. Comic books are thin. I put them into boxes. Which they fill up. And pile up outside the boxes. Contrary to legend, they rarely gain in monetary value.

I am a writer snob, as in: “Hmph, you buy comic books for mere artwork? Bendy leggy girls showing off belly, boobs, and butt, often all three in the same pose? Bah!” I like well-written stories. As in Peter David’s Countdown: the grey Hulk (smart and wisecracks) is poisoned and has till sunup to find the antidote or die. J. Michael Straczynski: Aunt May discovers that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, and the two have a heart-to-heart talk. Alan Moore: Watchmen turned the superhero franchise upside down. Harvey Pekar: the life and times of a Cleveland file clerk. Neil Gaiman: Sandman.

harley-quinn-12-coverNot that the artwork is not wonderful. Amanda Conner does a lot of (ahem) good girl art, but she knows it is all in the face. To let a picture say a thousand words, check the cover of Harley Quinn #12.

I heart comic books. Maybe I should make some of my own.

P.S. Check out Ms. Marvel and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (before Marvel’s dumb Battleword idea catches up with them).

me-harly-pgI, Dave M. Strom, am a technical writer, comic book geek, and budding novelist and short story writer. I specialize in bringing to life Super Holly Hansson, the Super(wo)man who’d rather be Clark Kent. She’s the most powerful superhero on Earth, and a writer.


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