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Real Winter Horror

by Emerian Rich

I spent many of my formative years in Alaska. It was quite an adventure and I don’t think anything in my life could replicate the mixture of surreal, magical, and just bizarre things that I experienced. So, when someone asks if I have any winter Horror stories, I just sit back and laugh. Most of them have to do with my active imagination and the fact that sometimes your mind weaves tales more horrific than what is actually going on.

Should I tell you about the time I think I saw a supernatural creature out of the high (seven-foot) window of a cabin?

What about the time I thought I was being stalked by a guy in military garb who watched me through infrared binoculars from the woods?

Or the tale of exploring my “backyard” floored with spongy (bouncy) tundra and coming across several abandoned structures and an old station wagon that still held belongings such as photos and identification?

Or maybe I should thrill you with the spooky Halloween tale where me and my BFF (Love ya, Brandi!) went out trick-or-treating despite an escaped convict on the loose from a nearby penitentiary? Boy, were we all a-jitter when we had survived two woodsy blocks only to be startled by another set of peeps in costumes!

There were trips to far off towns in doomsday blizzards, spooky sounds of animals unknown, and that one time part of my friend’s ear fell off from frostbite—no joke.

But believe it or not, by far the scariest creature I encountered in Alaska was a moose. You may laugh, but they aren’t all innocent and docile like Northern Exposure makes them look. Sure, people in Alaska get used to having them around—we had a momma and her babies living on our property—but that doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous.

Let me preface my scary tale with the fact that I had three earlier encounters with these animals that made me leery to begin with.

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HAGL2small2Do you love the horror genre? Do you look at horror as a lifestyle? Do the “norms” not understand your love of the macabre? Despair no longer, my friend, for within your grasp is a book written by those who look at horror as a way of life, just like you. This is your guide to living a horror addict’s life.

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