Five Misconceptions About Authors

Cover by Masloski CarmenRecently, I’ve been getting a lot of questions in email. I love hearing from readers and listeners, it means someone is enjoying my work and man, that feels good!

However, I don’t know why readers are interested in me as a person. I began writing to escape my own boring or depressing existence and go to a world where I could make cool things happen. So, my real life, the one where I have to go grocery shopping and clean the bathroom, just doesn’t seem interesting to me. Writers are normal people with mortgages, bills, and four a.m. screams for “Mom!” as their kid throws up on the new rug.

Here are a few misconceptions readers have about us authors that I want to clear up.

  1. 144x212NKWe’re all rich. Okay, so my last name is Rich, but yeah…not rich. Writing doesn’t exactly pay what you might think. Although all the press surrounds the big stars who sell movie deals and become teenage obsessions, most authors actually have to scrimp and save just like everyone else. And the amount we spend on just one text alone would have us set for life if we got paid by the hour. Unfortunately, we are paid very little compared to the amount of work that goes into our text. Which is why misconception #2 is on this list.
  2. We don’t have day jobs. Almost every single author I know has a day job, including me up until about a year ago. I can now write full time, but only because life required I stay home to take care of my special needs child. Even for the authors who stay home, it is rare to find one that is actually writing 24-7. Usually we have to take other jobs in our field (editors, columnists, bloggers) to supplement the fiction we love writing.
  3. AnimeGirlCoverFinal copyWe all know each other, especially in the same genre. I know a lot of authors…A LOT! But even with all the authors I’ve connected with, there are thousands I don’t know. So just because we both wrote a vampire novel, doesn’t mean I’ve got her on speed dial. Stephanie Meyers and Anne Rice don’t know what I am. Stephen King couldn’t pick me out of a crowd, and no, Neil Gaiman still hasn’t invited me over for dinner. So while I appreciate you thinking I run in such high society, I don’t. In fact, knowing what it’s like to be a writer, I would guess they keep their acquaintances close and limited to those they absolutely trust.
  4. We know every series in our genre. I would never get any writing done if this were true. If I read every vampire series, for instance, I’d just be doing that full-time. There are so many! And to tell you the truth, I purposely don’t read vampire fiction when I’m writing vampire fiction because I’d rather not be swayed by the other author’s storyline or series ideas. I might read research on vampires, or relationships, or weapons, but I don’t want to taint my own vision of what will happen in my series by accident, subconsciously.
  5. tlsmallWriting comes easy to us. Ideas, stories, characters, come easy. Writing is HARD. Very hard. Why do you think we have editors? Why do you think we post FB and Twitter messages about our obsession with this or that text with expletives on the ones talking about editing? We love what we do and so we deal with that part of it, but it’s just like serving a lavish dinner. Creating and serving it up to our guests is the fun part. Clean up is a bitch!

So next time you read a book from an author you like and feel enjoyment from the story we’ve told, please remember us, the little people, trapped under piles of text, drowning in edits and rewrites. Tell us how much you’ve enjoyed it. Leave a review to show you care. Tell your friends about it and get them to read it. Spread the love so that we can continue to bring you fun, exciting works to fill your day.

The Great Vampire Dispute ~ Leigh M. Lane’s Vamps

Next on my list for modern vampire writers is Leigh M. Lane. Leigh is a new friend of mine that writes a vampire out of the norm. Jane the Hippie Vampire is broke, homeless, and vegan. Not quite the sultry, romantic trope we’re used to, but interesting just the same. When asked about her series, Leigh said, “Jane is a transient, her encounters modeled after the 70’s series Kung-Fu. Each “episode” offers a piece of her past as well as a glimpse into her current search for redemption.”

Well, I for one can’t wait to find out about Leigh’s hippie vampire. Let’s check her out!


  • L White Wall 1Author name: Leigh M. Lane
  • What is the title of your series? Jane the Hippie Vampire
  • How many books are currently for sale or listen? The second releases in August.
  • How many total in the series to date? Six
  • What is the series about? Jane has had one hell of a time ever since she bumped into the wrong guy during the Summer of Love, but she’s taken it all in stride. Wandering from town to town, she seeks out the needy and the broken in hopes of breaking the curse that’s left her bloodthirsty and forever seventeen. In Love Beads, Jane crosses paths with a middle-aged man who’s encountered her kind before–but he seems happy just to have the company. Of course, appearances can be deceiving, and his secret might just prove to be the end of her.
  • Where can readers buy, read, or listen to your vampire series?

The Vampire Matrix

Garlic Dislikes. Stake That’ll kill anything.
Sunlight/ UV Allergy grows over time. Holy water/crosses Jane’s a Christian.
Running water No problem—but she hates baths. Drowning She’s not sure.
Silver Pretty. Fire A good way to dispose of bodies.
Coffin sleep a must? Nope. Homeland dirt a must? Nope.
Decapitation Probably deadly. Do they need to be invited in? Nope.
Do they sparkle? Hell, no. Do they cast a shadow? Yep.
Do they show up on film or video? Yes. Do they have a reflection? Yes.
Eye color change with hunger? No. Blood tears? No.
Die if not fed? Eventually. When killed, what is left? A body.
Eat solid food? Yes—but she’s a vegan. Create offspring by blood? No.
Have sex? Yes. Fertile? No.
Immortal? She’s not sure, but she hasn’t aged since the Summer of Love. Enhanced strength? Yes.
Enhanced senses? No. Enhanced speed? Yes.
Enhanced healing? Yes. Flight? No.
Shapeshifting? No. Psychic? Somewhat.
Mind control? Possibly. Does their blood heal mortals? No.
What are their fangs like? Retractable.
Skin color when after rebirth: No change—just increased paleness from sun avoidance.
Attractiveness after rebirth: No change.
How do they feed? Jane falls into a berserker frenzy, and then destroys the body to avoid reanimation.
What does the mortal experience when fed on? Pain, weakness, death.
What do they feed on? Human only? Evil souls only? Only humans, preferably the scum of society.
Do they kill? Or only drink? Do they have a conscious? Jane kills as infrequently as possible and hopes she might perform enough good deeds to cancel out the bad. She actually hopes she might do enough good to relieve her of her curse, but it’s most likely wishful thinking.
Are there clans or a hierarchy? Not that Jane’s aware of.


  • How is a vamp created in your world? Exsanguination and awakening.
  • What happens when they are changed? They are overcome with bloodlust.
  • Is religion involved in you vamp world and what kind? Jane is a product of the hippie revival movement and is a born-again Christian.
  • Is war or fighting a big theme in your books? No, only Jane’s personal battle against her nature.
  • How did vampires “start” in your world? Jane hasn’t a clue, but she assumes it’s some kind of curse.
  • Who is your top vampire character? Jane, who was dosed in a bar during the Summer of Love, woke in a basement in a remote cottage, where she was a food source and sex slave for an indeterminate amount of time. She escaped after being buried alive.
  • Who is your favorite vampire writer? Anne Rice.
  • What music goes best with your series? Well, Jane personally prefers funk, but I think of ‘60s rock when I think about her character.

Thank you for sharing your groovy vampire with us, Leigh!

Join me next time Biters,
when we’ll talk to
Paul Lewis about his IMMORTAL series!

Book Chat With Mistress Of Horror, Emerian Rich

 Book Chat With Mistress Of Horror, Emerian Rich

With ASJ Publishing

The Mistress of Horror, Emerian Rich, talks monsters, pie and multiple voices with our host at the listening post, Jett Tattersall.

Emerian Rich was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1973, the only child of pastors. She lived in thirty-two different places by the time she graduated high school. With no siblings and no consistent peer relationships, the pen became an integral part of her life, granting her an inexpensive pastime that she could take with her anywhere. The characters in her stories became her friends and her journal, her only continuous confidant.

Emerian now serves as Horror Hostess for the internationally acclaimed podcast, has become not only a podcast but a widely read publisher of horror news, reviews, and fiction.

She has also written under the names: Emerian Mordrige, E. Mordrige, Emmy Z. Madrigal and Emz.

Emerian lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and son.

You can find Em at:
Horror Addicts:

Thanks Chris and Jett for having me on the show. 🙂


San Mateo County Fair – come meet Emerian!

lit_headerI will be at the San Mateo County Fair this Saturday as part of their Literary Arts Stage activities!

AuthorPicListen to me and a handful of other authors read live and come by the tables to chat or pick up free  goodies!

I will have with me mini books of all my different genres and (first come, first serve) CHOCOLATE books.

Also, if you haven’t had a chance to read Night’s Knights or Sweet Dreams yet, ask me for special San Mateo County Fair codes to get each full novel at just 99 cents from Smashwords!

See you there!


Here is the full schedule of events:

June 14

1-2pm: READINGS ON AUTHOR DAY Laurel Anne Hill Host
4-5pm: AUTHOR PRESENTATION Steampunk should not ship broken Laurel Anne Hill
5-6pm: AUTHOR PRESENTATION Ezra Barany Million Dollar Question
6-7pm: READING Running of the Poets II Carolyn Goodwin Host
7:30-8:30pm: Music Eric Clouds
8:30-9:30pm: Music Sezu

June 14 Author Day 2-4pm

Arlene Miller
Audrey Kalman
Beth Barany
C Sanford Lowe
Caroline Goodwin
Claire Mack
Darelene Frank
Elena Martina
Elise F. Miller
Ellaraine Lockie
Emerian Rich
Ezra Barany
F. M. Kahren
Frank Saunders
Gerald W. Jones
J.L. Powers
James Hanna
Kalamu Cache
Karen Blake
Laurel Anne Hill
Loretta Breuning
Marjorie Bicknell Johnson
Michelle Jessen
Rain Graves
Rita Beach
Robert Davis
Sandra Saidak
Sue Oksanen
Sumiko Saulson
Valerie Estelle Frankel

To find out more, go to the SMCF website at:


The Sirens Call – Issue #13 – Women in Horror


Free Women in Horror Fiction!

Read Emerian’s “Slice” in this month’s issue of The Siren’s Call.

Sirens Call Publications is pleased to announce the release of the 13th issue of The Sirens Call celebrating women in horror and Women in Horror Recognition Month!

Packed full with fiction, poetry and photography by Dark Angel Photography, the 168 page issue also features an interview with Angie Gallow, author of The Coven. If you’re interested in giving it a read and supporting all of the wonderfully talented women who contributed their work, you can download it for FREE!

The Sirens Call – Issue #13 – Women in Horror (Second Annual Edition)

Phobias: A Collection of True Stories

Phobias: A Collection of True Stories now available.

phobiasRead about Emerian Rich’s monkey phobia in the new book, PHOBIAS featuring phobia insights by Kay BrooksDavid PriceEmerian RichSuzanne RobbJanet Scott-BuckleyJay SutterToianna WikaCraig CookGeoffery CrescentKim CurleyAlyn DayDenise DumarsJ. T. EvansShauna P. Norman, and Angie Orenstein. Edited by Mary Harris.

Emerian’s monkey phobia started at a young age and plagues her even today. In “The Monkey Queen” you will read how this phobia has haunted her nightmares and infected her real life. Whether your phobia be spider, snake, or monkey related, you will find these stories interesting and maybe even a bit disturbing. Ever wonder what phobias feel like? What nightmares they cause the individuals experiencing them? Check out PHOBIAS.

Over 60 million people in the United States and Great Britain are estimated to have phobias. There is no specific gene that causes phobias. While anxiety disorders and phobias may start in childhood, and children who have a parent or close relative with a specific phobia may be more likely to develop it, there is no specific situation that causes phobias. However, most people who deal with an anxiety disorder or phobia on a daily basis know they are coping with a difficulty. They know that research is ongoing, such as studies on the amygdala, the specific brain region associated with the “fight-or-flight” response. They know there are no “cures.” From beta blockers to SSRIs and MAOIs to sedatives to behavioral therapy to biofeedback to herbal remedies, there is no one solution. They also know they are not alone! On these pages, you will find eighteen stories and one poem by individuals who courageously face each day, and each night, knowing life will throw many things, both good and difficult, in their path. And yet, they go on. Read, applaud, and be grateful for your own life.

Available now in PRINT and KINDLE versions.

What it’s like to be a writer’s best friend

What is it like being a writer’s best friend?

I’ve had a few emails recently that have inspired a new blog series from me. Here’s what you have sent me:

“Emz, can you come over to my house? I’m really bored and I’d love to have you over for tea and biscuits.” ~ Monica from Southampton, UK

“I often wonder how your family feels about you recording all those voices. Do they think you are deranged or do they listen with rapt attention to the live version? I’d like to listen to you record. I bet it’s a hoot.” ~James from Montana, USA

“Just finished reading Night’s Knights last week and have listened to half of Dusk’s Warriors already this weekend. The way your imagination works blows my mind. I bet your friends love hearing your new story ideas. I bet lunch with you when you first think of an idea is an experience. Wish I was a fly on that wall.” Harry from Toronto, Canada

“Wish I knew you in real life, you seem like fun!” Susanne from Ohio, USA

Well, now you will have your chance to get a little glimpse into what it’s like to be my friend and I’ve invited some of my writer friends to share their lives as well. Over the next couple weeks, I will be posting interviews from friends and family of writers. Is it all it’s cracked up to be?


A day with a writer…
First up, I asked my best friend, Ariel, to answer questions about what it’s like to be my friend. We’ve known each other for over fifteen years and I count on her as a confidante and true friend. I think we get along so well because while we share a lot of the same interests, we are complete opposites. I am a dark, nostalgic devil to her blonde, pink-wearing angel.  How she puts up with my crazy Gemini personality mood swings I have no idea, but she was nice enough to answer a few questions while we made a trek around the city.

A holiday trek around San Francisco is our favorite occupation in early December. Stores are decorated with evergreen, shiny bulbs, and lights. The tourists are gone for the most part, but will grow in number as the holidays approach. For our trek, it was just us natives, out enjoying the sights and sounds of the holidays.

We had lunch downtown at our favorite Japanese place. They’ve changed their name many times, but we’ll always remember them as Mr. Hana. Next, we strolled by the holiday windows evaluating them against last years and voting on which was best. Then it was off to Chinatown for a look at scarves and some hot tea. Lastly, we headed to Japantown for shopping and dinner at our favorite restaurant there, Kui Shin Bo.

Ariel always teases me that in order to be my friend, you must pass a quiz with 80% accuracy, fill out a membership form, attend at least seven functions a year, and sign the “No Monkeys, Umbrellas, or Menthol Cough Drops” disclosure agreement. I don’t know if I’m that hard to know, but I do like paperwork, so she might be right. Now she has the opportunity to tell you what I am really like.

What it’s like to be the best friend of a writer.
From the perspective of: Ariel, Emerian’s best friend

How did you meet Emerian?

We worked at that same place and Emz was running a vampire roleplaying game. I asked if I could play. We started talking and found out we had a lot in common.

Why are you such good friends?

We both love to talk and are good listeners. We love vampire stories, planning games, problem solving, and we’re analytical. We both like writing and we’re open minded. We never judge each other. We both have big dreams and a love for art and architecture. Emz likes to plan things and I like to do things, so it works out great. You wouldn’t think so because we are polar opposites like light and dark but, we have a lot in common. Being a writer myself, we are always thinking about new stories or brainstorming new worlds. It keeps me in the “writing” world and inspires me.

When did you find out about her being a writer?

I heard Emz talking about her ‘zine and working out a deal with an artist.

Who are your favorite authors besides Emerian?

I like Anne Rice and Stephen King. Everyone thinks I’m in to romance, but I’m not. Emz is the romantic, not me.

144x212NKWhat is your favorite work of Emerian’s? Who is your favorite character?

Night’s Knights is my favorite work of Emz. I love Sim the bartender because of his personality and name. Martin is another favorite because he is dark and debonair. Even though he’s a geek, he’s the classic vampire type. I really like the underdog, the character who no one else likes or routes for, like Danny. I like Jespa, but I never go for the main characters. Martin is the most like me. I am his fan girl!

What did you do for Emerian that you would never do normally.

I volunteered to help Emz decorate a huge con. I would never do that if not for her.

What was the worst event you attended with Emerian?

When Emz read for the first time at a convention, the room was so hot, we were all dying. It was a small room without windows and people kept closing the door. The con didn’t advertise it well either.

What was the worst thing you had to do at an event?

When someone made me go pass out Emz postcards to the crowd. I was like… “Oh my God, do I have to do this just because I’m with her?” I hate approaching strangers.

What was the best event you attended with Emerian?

When Emz was on three panels in a row where she was reading. I could listen to people read all day. Sometimes at con between panels, we’ll sit outside in the hall and Emz will just read to me, I love that. I also liked when she got invited to a rock concert. We were at a table in the lobby and they treated us like royalty. It was like I was with a rock star.

What is your favorite place to go with Emerian?

We can go anywhere and just read or write together. We can find any place – like the tables above Embarcadero or the beach or one of the libraries. We might end up chatting the whole time, but we also chat about stories and what we’re working on.


What do you like about Emerian being a writer?

When people approach us at a fair or event and they want to talk to Emz. They get so excited by her clothes, or makeup, or hair, or writing. It’s really fun to see them as excited about it as she is.

What is a dream you would like to see happen in the future for her?

I can’t wait until Night’s Knights gets made into a movie. I get to be at the premiere and I would have my photo taken with Julien who I think should be played by Alexander Skarsgard (Eric from True Blood).

What is the weirdest thing about being friends with Emerian?

She is always busy and if we go out, somehow it always turns into the career. She doesn’t even try and it happens. Someone is asking about her writing and she is digging out her cards.

Do you ever worry about her writing about you or your life?

No. I worry more if she is taking my picture, but she always asks first. I would be flattered if she wrote about me.

Have you ever read something that you thought was about you or inspired by you?

Yes. Ember, from Dusk’s Warriors. She told me she was inspired to write Ember because of me and that she wanted me to play her in the podcast. I was very flattered. I wish I was that awesome.


Thank you Ariel for sharing some insight with the fans about what it’s like to be a writer’s best friend. And, you ARE that awesome! 🙂

Readers, I hope this answers some of your questions about being in my crazy life. Stay tuned to this blog for more interviews with friends and family of writers.


Westercon 66 – Sacramento, July 6th


Saturday July 6th, I will be in Sacramento for Westercon66, hope to see you there! Here are the scheduled panels, I’ll also be roaming the halls and might even get to read… check the schedules for updates on Saturday.

For all you Emz followers – 25% discount code for books is Westercon66.

Storytelling the Old-Fashioned WayFolsom (Ground – OffSide)Emerian Rich, Frederick J. Mayer, Howard (howeird) Stateman, M. Todd Gallowglas, Nicola Griffith
An exploration of the oral tradition of storytelling and how it relates to writing fiction. This panel of storytellers and writers will discuss tricks and techniques of oral storytelling that will and won’t work in the written form.

Publishing Options: Traditional vs On-Demand and Self-PublishingFolsom (Ground – OffSide)Ben Yalow, Emerian Rich, Jean Marie Stine, Kelley Eskridge, Marty Halpern, Phyllis Kalbach
The days of needing your own printing press are long gone. With modern publishing methods you can print one copy or 1 million. Our panelists will discuss the benefits and drawback of the various publishing options.

Artistic License Free Extra Pack!

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Dusk’s Warriors, Chapter 15

The one all you Biter’s have been waiting for! Julien and Jespa Reunite!

Dusk’s Warriors, Chapter 15:
Julien and Jespa’s reunion. Reidar takes a strange trek through Talia’s dreams.
Click to listen:

Voices by: Mark Eller, Rhonda Carpenter, and Emerian Rich.
Theme music by Factory of Dreams
For more information, go to:

Masters of the Macabre

Emerian’s story Holy Rites – part of the Night’s Knights series.

Having trouble with the audio button above? Visit this link: