CONVOLUTION 2014 – Meet Emz!


HalloweenCome say hello to Emerian at this year’s Convolution, held at the
Hyatt Regency SFO in Burlingame California,
September 26th-28th, 2014

Emz will be at Convolution
Saturday, September 27th
and you can see her at the following events/panels.*

Sat 10-12a

So you’re published… now what?

Sat 12-2p

Merging Genres

Sat 2-4p

Where Do Ideas Come From

Sat 4-6p

Running Multiple Writing Careers

Sat 6-7p

Autograph Session

*Check program grid for possible changes

Also at Convolution will be Guests of Honor:
Tanya Huff, Micheal A. Stackpole, Kevin R. Grazier, Ph.D., and Jeff Sturgeon.

As well as these guests you might remember seeing at past Bay Area events:
Taunya Gren, Carrie Sessarego, A. E. Marling, C.Sanford Lowe, Dario Ciriello, Gail Carriger, Heide L Stauffer, Kay Tracy, M. Todd Gallowglas, Ric Bretschneider, Wanda Kurtcu, and many more.

For more information about Convolution, check out their site at:

The Desk of a Writer

Author Gail Carriger had this cool thing on her blog titled The Desk of a Writer and I absolutely loved to see it.  It’s very interesting to see what other writers do and how others work. Since I’ve had so many questions from you guys about how I manage my time and organize my writing, I thought you’d all be interested to see this.  This is not usually how clean my desk is.  Usually it is cluttered with notes to myself! deskdiag

  1. A little notebook I write my reviews in.
  2. Night’s Knights 2, working title “Dusk’s Warriors”.  Can’t wait to dig more into it!
  3. Latest edit (number 502.5) of Night’s Knights.  Yes… see?  I tear my work up just as much as I do someone else’s.  Also, there must be doodling!
  4. The manga I’m currently reviewing for Eternal Alice Rondo 1.
  5. Inexpensive podcasting mic. complete with homemade pop-filter (a chunk of nylons).  The big expensive things pick way too much up!  They also seem to make my voice sound higher than it is which is something I really can’t afford to have happen.
  6. Mp3 player charging.
  7. Usb hub.  Not only do I have to charge all my little gadgets, I am super hyper about backing up my work.  After losing one of my full novels twice (first time I lost it all just had scribbled notes left and the second I had to retype it all ~ and yes, I had saved it 2 places. Both of those places were compromised.) I am mega anal about my memory sticks.  Tip on when you lose your manuscript and have to retype from printed pages.  The best thing is to use your scanner.  Most of them have the option to transmit it into type.  You may loose underlined passages or have to correct a word here and there but it’s much easier that retyping everything or using Dragon to speak it all back in.
  8. Computer / website Can’t do this with out it.
  9. Sweet Dreams pitch / charrie book.  It lists all the charries and what the pitch is that I changed my voice to sound like them.  It also might have key words for instance: “Rob Malloy / remember business voice / -4.52” I have one of these little books for each podnovel.  I just happen to have Sweet Dreams out right now because I am producing the sequel.
  10. POST-ITS! And flags.  Must haves.
  11. Cell phone.  I have to be plugged in!  My husband constantly makes fun of me about it.  Even though it annoys me when it goes off in the middle of recording.
  12. A tiny purple frog my best friend gave me years ago.  I’m not really a frog person, but I still keep it around.
  13. A mock up of my print book cover (coming in October!).
  14. PENS!!! My favorites are in here including the Japanese Preppy fountain pen (03) and bright orange Sharpie highlighters.  Pet peeve of mine is to be in a house or office or somewhere and not have a pen.  My house as a child had this problem.  I hated it!  Pens are like a necessity.  Bread, water, pen!
  15. Speaking of water.
  16. Special mouse because of my tendonitis.  Kensington is the only company that makes these anymore and they are pricy.  It sucks, but I have to use this kind or be in pain.

 If you’d like to see Gail’s post, go here:
My friend Dani Kollin, co-author of The Unincorporated Man had this response:

I didn’t bother cleaning mine up!

1. Telephone.
2. Headset for telephone so I can pretend like I’m listening to people when I’m actually working on other shit.
3. Goldtouch ergonomic keyboard – adjusts width and height, saves lives (as in I don’t know what I’d do without it. I actually own 2. One for home and one I take to onsite freelance jobs that last for over a week.
4. Wrists rests.
5. U-shaped beanbag wrist rest to match shape and height of track ball
6. Logitech optical trackman. More buttons on this thing than a Saddam military jacket. Totally customizable. Yum.
7. 7 port Powered usb hub. Friggin’ invaluable given all the shit I’m plugging in and out of my system.
8. Scanner.
9. Black and Red Macro uniballs separated. It is the ultimate pen and one that I cannot conceive of being without.
10. The piece de resistance – My imac 24″
11. (under the phone) my accordion post it note dispenser.
12. You can’t see it but it’s my recharging area. Cell phone, bluetooth headset and extension plug for whatever.