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A Day at BayCon 2018

Until this year, Clockwork Alchemy — the San Francisco Bay Area’s primary steampunk gathering — was held the same weekend as BayCon, the region’s major science fiction convention. That changed in 2018, so we paid a visit.

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New Fiction! “Last Lullaby” in Crescendo of Darkness

Music has the power to soothe the soul, drive people to obsession, and soundtrack evil plots. Is music the instigator of madness, or the key that unhinges the psychosis within? From guitar lessons in a graveyard and a baby allergic to music, to an infectious homicidal demo and melancholy tunes in a haunted lighthouse, Crescendo of Darkness will quench your thirst for horrifying audio fiction.

HorrorAddicts.net is proud to present fourteen tales of murderous music, demonic performers, and cursed audiophiles.

Please enjoy an excerpt below from Crescendo of Darkness.

“Last Lullaby” by Emerian Rich

An opera diva is haunted by a dangerous secret which threatens to end her career and her life.


Sleep, love, it is not yet the dawn,

Angels guard thee, sweet love, til morn!

~”Berceuse de Jocelyn” by Benjamin Godard, 1888

 1893, London, England


Opera Diva, Claire Gravois, the famed French soprano will be performing her farewell concert at Her Majesty’s Theatre, Saturday evening…

Claire studied the newspaper photograph taken of her only a year before. Her strawberry blonde hair had been styled beautifully that day with it swept up into a cascade of curls falling over her shoulder. Although the photo was black and white, she remembered the vibrant color of the dress. It had come from the opera closet and she only wore it once for the publicity shot. Vibrant crimson with intricate beading across her bosom, the dress had brought out her green eyes, making them look ethereal in the grayscale photo.

A tear fell from her eye. She was haunted by her once vibrant skin, the confident smile, and the bright eyes of her still photo. It had been taken the night she was given the lead. A night she’d never forget, for not only had she received a standing ovation, it was also the night she had first seen HIM.

“Miss Gravois,” the stage director called, knocking on her dressing room door. “The newspaper man is here. Are you ready for him?”

She stashed the newspaper clipping under her jewelry box and took a deep breath.

Oui, send him in.” Claire’s gaze fell to her wrinkled hands and she pulled the long lace of her dressing gown sleeves over them. She was barely twenty, but her skin looked like that of a fifty-year-old woman. If she turned to look into the mirror to her right, she’d find her face just as aged, but she dared not. Not before meeting with the press.

She closed her eyes and remembered the vision of the girl from the photos. The girl who looked her age. The girl who had the confidence to become the most adored soprano in all the world.

A moment later the stage director opened the door. The newspaper man was rather tall for the doorway and reminded her of a marionette being handled by a child as he ducked into the room, clumsy limbs and all.

“Miss Gravois?” He held out a hand to shake, but she did not take it.

Oui.” She sat up straighter at her dressing table, back to the mirror.

“Or should I call you Mademoiselle?” He tipped his hat and took a seat opposite her.

“Miss Gravois is fine.”

“Thank you for agreeing to see me. I know you must be busy with rehearsals.”

If he only knew she hadn’t sung in two weeks for fear of using her voice. She just smiled as he stared at her curves. Men mesmerized by her beauty was nothing new. Even before her stardom, men couldn’t keep their gaze from her cascading hair, her bombshell form, and her shapely legs. When she was a chorus girl, they felt they could conquer her. As a famed diva, they were a little less willing to risk the price of putting their hands on her. Even in her aged state, they still stared with a hunger that sometimes scared her.

“You are just as beautiful as the rumors say.”


“They tell me you are retiring. The concert on Saturday will be your last performance before you retire?”


“Why would you retire now, when your career is going so well? When you still pack houses and fetch quite a fee for entry? You aren’t ill are you?” His gaze was finally locked on her eyes instead of her other assets. Did he see the wrinkles there she tried to hide with makeup?

“No.” She swallowed back the lie. “I am simply…quitting while I’m ahead, you might say.”

“Good.” Relief swept his face. “What do you plan to do after?”

A good question. What would she do when her life-long passion was no longer available to her? She swallowed back tears, praying he didn’t notice.

“I shall return to my family home in France.”

“Will you still be in the music field? Teach perhaps?”

“No.” One thing she was certain about. She’d have to give up music completely. To be around it would be too tempting. “I’m not sure what I shall do to occupy my time. Right now, I am concentrating on my farewell concert, not after.”

“Well, you’ll have time to decide then. I hope you’ll keep our readers informed if your plans change.”



To read the rest of this story and thirteen

other horror music shorts, check out:

 Crescendo of Darkness

Direct link: https://www.amazon.com/Crescendo-Darkness-Jeremiah-Donaldson/dp/1987708156

Edited by Jeremiah Donaldson

Cover by Carmen Masloski

HorrorAddicts.net Press

 Let music unlock your fear within.

Crescendo of Darkness Tour: Last Lullaby


Crescendo of Darkness from HorrorAddicts.net Press.

“Last Lullaby” by Emerian Rich

An opera diva is haunted by a dangerous secret which threatens to end her career and her life.

Emerian shares her thoughts about her story with us below.

I have a confession to make. I’m a choir geek. Yeah, before Glee and Pitch Perfect made it “cool” to be in choir (But did they really?), I was a nerdy choir chick. It went way beyond just taking it as an elective. No, I was a Jazz Choir, harmonizing, Sinatra-adoring, music dork. Still am if I’m being completely honest although my dream of being a singer has faded into a vicarious, middle-age musical adoration.

I remember the first time I heard The Phantom of the Opera lyrics. It’s hard to explain to someone who isn’t a music fan. With great music, the melody plunges into your ears and creates a…

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SEARCH: Summer 2018 Issue

SEARCH Magazine

City Spotlight

Colorado Springs, Colorado


3 Reasons why octopus are the coolest animals in the sea.


The truth about Tourette’s Syndrome.


#OceanLife books.

Author Spotlight

Michele Roger


The Sound of the Sea.


Bahamas vacation.


Grilled Apricot-Jalapeno Glazed Shrimp


Olympia National Park


Recycling Glass Jars


Summer Fitness Tips

Autism / Parenting

Just Keep Swimming


I am Boat People


Event pictures


Half Moon Bay


#OceanLife Scavenger Hunt

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BayCon! Come meet Emz :)

May 25 – 28, 2018

San Mateo Marriott San Francisco Airport

One week from today, Emerian will be attending BayCon,
the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Writer’s Convention in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Saturday May 26th
Imagination Fair
Free to the public

Join us at the Imagination Fair. Take selfies with Inkjet, the incredible cepholopod, chat with authors, get freebies, enjoy face painting, and answer trivia questions to get awesome swag from CometTV, like Tank Girl T-shirts, The Craft protection sachets, and alien gifts.
Authors present will be: Laurel Anne Hill, Sumiko Saulson, J. Malcolm Stewart, Loren Rhoads, Emerian Rich, Mercy Hollow, E.M. Markoff, Trinity Adler, and more!

This is a free event with swag to spare!

Saturday May 26th
A Dramatic Reading with Steve Mix and Mark Gelineau

Sunday May 27th
HorrorAddicts.net Panel

HorrorAddicts.net: Come discuss musical influence on horror and dark fantasy literature, movies, and lifestyle. Hear authors read their horror stories and enter to win door prizes. Musically inspired horror favors free until they run out!
Authors present will be: Laurel Anne Hill, Sumiko Saulson, Jonathan Fortin, J. Malcolm Stewart, Loren Rhoads, Emerian Rich

Sunday May 27th
Master Class: Getting Out of the Slush Pile
With Loren Rhoads and Emerian Rich

Crescendo of Darkness from HorrorAddicts.net

Music has the power to soothe the soul, drive people to obsession, and soundtrack evil plots. Is music the instigator of madness, or the key that unhinges the psychosis within? From guitar lessons in a graveyard and a baby allergic to music, to an infectious homicidal demo and melancholy tunes in a haunted lighthouse, Crescendo of Darkness will quench your thirst for horrifying audio fiction.

HorrorAddicts.net is proud to present fourteen tales of murderous music, demonic performers, and cursed audiophiles.

Crescendo of Darkness includes:

“Audition” by Naching T. Kassa

This could be a guitarist’s ticket to the big time, if he survives auditioning in a ghoul-protected graveyard.

“Circe’s Music Shop” by A. Craig Newman

A music store owner, who won’t be bullied into submission, teaches two hitmen the meaning of pain.

“Last Lullaby” by Emerian Rich

An opera diva is haunted by a dangerous secret which threatens to end her career and her life.

“Loved to Death” by Sam Morgan Phillips

Death explores his dream of being a rock star, but can’t avoid his purpose when a young woman forces him to live up to his destiny.

“The Music Box” by Daphne Strasert
When a mom finds her childhood music box, she unleashes a tragic horror on her family, dooming them to repeat history.

“While My Guitar Gently Bleeds” by Benjamin Langley
A rock musician is visited by an undead band member and forced to pay for his crimes against rock ‘n’ roll.

“Six String Bullets” by Cara Fox

The pull of a busker’s song becomes too much for a young woman to resist.

“Lighthouse Lamentation” by R.A. Goli

A lighthouse keeper helps a mysterious guest, but the stranger’s haunting sea shanty might drive him mad.

“Solomon’s Piano” by Jeremy Megargee

A grieving husband builds an unnatural piano, but can his music raise the dead?

“They Don’t Make Music Like That Anymore” by Kahramanah

A musician’s obsession with creating a masterpiece leads to him discover why they don’t make music like that anymore.

“Become the Music” by H.E. Roulo

A cellist would do anything for her child, even give up music, but that might not be enough to stop a curse from consuming her baby.

“Keep the Beat” by Calvin Demmer

A young girl questions why her tribe plays the djembe drums every night and finds it may be more than just a tradition.

“The Legend of Crimson Ivory” by Sarah Gribble

An audiophile finds a legendarily sinister demo at a used record store and decides to play it, despite his friends’ warnings.

“A Whisper in the Air” by Jeremiah Donaldson

Employees at a job find solace in playing music on break, but a haunted melody draws in more than just new musicians.


Crescendo of Darkness

HorrorAddicts.net Press

Let music unlock your fear within.

Author Reading, Come Meet Emz! April 21st

Come Meet Emz!

Friends of the Palo Alto Library’s

80th Anniversary Local Authors Event!

FOPAL invites the community to meet published authors of
different genres as they take the microphone &
read selections from their work!

Saturday April 21, 2018 1:00 – 5:00 PM

Mitchell Park Community Center – Adobe Room

3700 Middlefield Road Palo Alto, CA 94303

Award Winning Podcaster – Emmy Z. Madrigal aka Emerian Rich will be reading from her Regency Novella, Lord Harrington’s Lost Doe.

Other featured Authors:

Legendary Hip-Hop Artist, Entrepreneur, MA – Suga-T
Poet Laureate of the City of East Palo Alto – Poetess Kalamu Chaché
Award Winning Journalist – Minu Dave
FOPAL Event Organizer – Tina Gibson
Prized Poet, Actress, Author and Educator – Venus Jones
President of the California Writers Club, SF Peninsula Branch – Lisa Meltzer Penn
Award Winning Writer – Patty Somlo
Award Winning ‘Hall of Fame’ Journalist – Doug Sovern
Audio Fiction Prize Winner – Dave M. Strom

All ages welcome! Refreshments will be served!

For more info on the Palo Alto Library, got to: https://www.fopal.org

SD5 One More Try, Chapter 17

Sweet Dreams

One More Try cover model Heidi Kaden

One More Try (#5)
by Emmy Z. Madrigal

In Chapter 17, Cynthia talks to her brother about their mother’s break down. Derek has breakfast with the family.

Voices in this chapter by Emmy Z. Madrigal.

Theme song, “I Will Follow Her” / Derek’s song
Lyrics by: Brad Wait and Emerian Rich
Music by: Brad Wait
© 2010 by Brad Wait and Emerian Rich
Published by Brad Wait Music (ASCAP)

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Guest Blog: Meet the Hero of Virtue’s Temptation by Lela Bay

Guest Blog- Meet the Hero of Virtue’s Temptation  by Lela Bay

Thank you for having me on your blog, Emerian Rich. I admire your range and how you’re not afraid to try anything.

Ruined Reputations is my first romance novella, and contains two very different stories. In the first, “The Unusual Manners of Mr. Aarons,” the hero is unconcerned with propriety. He has larger matters to deal with. Others cannot so easily overlook convention, however, especially when it leads to ridiculous scenes such as him grabbing the fake fruit off the top of a woman’s hat.

In contrast, the hero of “Virtue’s Temptation” is concerned with weightier matters and his arrival is not nearly as humorous.

When we first meet Mr. Stinson Eleanor has already rescued a naive girl on the threshold of a hotel room with an unsuitable man. Taking charge, Eleanor is determined to chaperone her youthful charge home, but Bitsy is uncooperative. Forced to wait for someone to come after the girl and reveal where she lives, Eleanor spends an uncomfortable afternoon in the lobby with the innkeeper who had so easily turned a blind eye to Bitsy’s predicament.

She hears someone arriving in the courtyard.

“Will ye be sitting there until the devil comes for me soul? Are you sent to see justice done?” The innkeeper squawked, unable to bear her gaze a moment longer.

Eleanor did not deign to answer. Straightening her narrow skirts, she checked the angle of her cocked hat and walked toward the desk.

The innkeeper shied back, as if she really were an agent of infernal retribution. Rather pleased that he might consider his immortal soul, and perhaps improve his conduct in future interactions, she measured her steps with the wavering shadow outside. She arrived at the desk at the same moment the door slammed open, smashing into the wall. A long-legged force of nature swept into the room.

The innkeeper cried out and crouched away from Eleanor, who turned toward the stormy gentleman. At the sight of him, her own heart leapt, for he more greatly resembled an avenging angel than she could ever hope to. His hair, mussed from the ride, swept back in golden waves from a tanned forehead and gleaming brown eyes. The greatcoat made black wings on his back, giving him an ethereal magnitude that blotted out the rest of the room as he bore down on them.

Eleanor stepped back, a hand rising to her throat. Yet she squared her shoulders, standing in his way and sending him to a jarring halt that threatened to squash her as his mass wavered and the layers of fabric around him snapped toward her with a final clap like an animal’s jaws.

She held out a hand and placed a smile across her smooth lips. Eyes meeting his, searching, she spoke as if they chatted in an elegant ballroom. “I believe we are acquainted.”

He took her in with one incredulous sweep of brown eyes, jaw tightening, prepared to dismiss her like an ant before an elephant, but his eye returned to her, a faint frown flirting with the golden sweep of his eyebrows as he reevaluated.

She tilted her head, trying to convey with her body all she dared not say.

The first story, “The Unusual Manners of Mr. Aarons,” is a sweet and lighthearted story. “Virtue’s Temptation” is darker and full of Eleanor’s longing to get to know Mr. Stinson yet adhere to the rules of propriety. In contrast to Eleanor, the girl she is attempting to save runs into trouble and Eleanor and Mr. Stinson become allies attempting to save her.


Lela lives in a modest house with her husband, children, and pets. Despite living in the far north, she requires a certain amount of sunshine each day or she gets grumpy. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys strolling, gardening, reading, and tea time with friends.

She enjoys stories with intimacy and humor.

Blog: http://lelabayblog.wordpress.com
Amazon Author Page: http://amazon.com/author/lelabay

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bay_lela


“A tantalizing pair of Regency tales.” ~Emmy Z. Madrigal

“Ruined Reputations is a love letter to high romance of the Brontes with the meticulous eye for detail that readers crave like oxygen itself.” ~MJ Sherry-author of the Back Page Babylon series

–The Unusual Manners of Mr. Aarons–

Rumors of Mr. Aarons unconventional ways are confirmed when he nearly yanks the bonnet off Emmaline’s cousin’s head. Drawn by his charm and good looks, Emmaline finds herself assisting him in his mysterious mission.

His obscure search appears to lead to her cousin, beautiful Catherine Connersfield. She is the more sensible choice, but will she have him? More to the point, will Emmaline let her?

–Virtue’s Temptation–

Experience has taught Eleanor it’s better to be practical than passionate.

When she discovers Bitsy eloping with her French tutor, scandal threatens to ruin the girl.

To keep her reputation intact, Eleanor reluctantly chaperones the rebellious heiress.

Eleanor’s spotless character protects Bitsy, but behaving respectably proves difficult when tempted by the dangerously attractive Mr. Stinson.

If she fails it will end with … Ruined Reputations.

SEARCH: Spring 2018 Issue

SEARCH Magazine

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City Spotlight

Berkeley, California


Five Gardening Favorites

Author Spotlight

Tim Reynolds


Top Five Music Apps


Benefits of Culinary Herbs


Bartram’s House and Garden


Harp in the Garden


Angel Hair with Garlic, Ricotta, and Fava Beans

Do it Yourself

Brewing Kombucha


Attracting Birds to Your Garden

Autism / Parenting

Ambiguous Loss


Trees, Sir


Event pictures


Hand Fan Museum


Picks from the marketplace


Garden Bingo

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