An ON TIME Excerpt: “PODs” by Emerian Rich

Transmundane Press


Enjoy an excerpt from Emerian Rich’s “PODs” featured in our newest anthology ON TIME.

Waiting in traffic for the San Francisco-Los Angeles Transbay Tunnel was bad enough, but with her interview at L.A.’s most prestigious animation studio in an hour, Kelly grew beyond fidgety. True, the SyncTank Animation building was only five minutes from the tunnel by car and the transfer took only seconds, but the wait times displayed over the tunnel entry read forty minutes. Cutting it close was not how she wanted to make her first impression.

“Stop clicking your pen,” her mother said.

Kelly sighed and put her pen in her bag. Yes, her mom and her thirteen-year-old brother were with her, too, which made the situation more aggravating. To them, it was a fun shopping weekend, but to Kelly, it held her ticket to a better life. Her brother, Seth, sat in the back seat, earbuds in…

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