Fall 2020 Update

emz unplugged

Biters, Sweet Dreamers, Readers, and Listeners,

The last time I updated you was quite a bit ago. Before the world really knew what the last 7 months would be like. Before masks came into style and we got used to spending Friday nights in, curled up with our favorite books or streaming service instead of going to dinner or a movie. I’m sorry to be away so long without an update, but I’m sure you have been just as caught up in this mess as I have been. The new normal is not very pleasant, but we persevere… hoping one day we’ll be able to go out and converse and share times with our extended families and friends like old times.

Well, if you’re still wondering what to read or need some new, fresh titles, I’ve got plenty! You can also follow my more active feeds at my main blog

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