Film Review: Amulet

Review by Emerian Rich

Part love story, monster movie, creepy house terror, convalescent horror, and goddess/demon damnation story, Amulet is a masterpiece from an unlikely source: Period piece actress, Romola Garai.

Perhaps only Romola could’ve written such a strange mashup of romance, terror, and gothic horror. Being cast in period productions as the spoiled Gwendolyn Harleth in Daniel Deronda, the naïve sister in Nickolas Nickleby, and Miss Woodhouse in Emma, you might think she’s just a sweet, pretty face. She plays the innocent lamb quite well—check out Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights—but this fascinating, twisted script proves she’s got more skillz than simply looking great in a corset. As her first full-length directorial debut, Amulet is sure to put her on the radar as one of the great horror directors of the future. Courageously tackling several timely but taboo subjects under one umbrella, she weaves a story…

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