Whatever Will Be, Will Be…or Will It?

Great write up about Emerian’s story, “The Pocket Watch”

Rie Sheridan Rose

Today’s fortune-telling from Dark Divinations explores echoes of the future seen through a scrying mirror in “The Pocket Watch.” Paired with the watch is a journal that reveals a sinister curse.

We are not talking about the Future Echoes from Red Dwarf–no one takes off in a space ship–but a chilling tale of warning. Our fearless leader Emerian Rich, head honcho at HorrorAddicts.net, penned this tale of love and loss.

We will discuss scrying in more depth later in the series, but in this case, what our heroine sees are glimpses of both past and future in the watch she has inherited from her deceased mother-in-law. I am not going to go into too much detail, because I think you should read the story for yourself. It poses an interesting question. Is the future set in stone?

The title of this post relates to the earworm of Que…

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