HorrorAddicts.net 179, Desiree Byars


Horror Addicts Episode# 179
SEASON 15 “Cursed, Cubed”
Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich
Intro Music by: Valentine Wolfe

desiree byars | her despair | dead ringer 1964

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186 days till Halloween

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don’t be a boasting jerk, her despair, the exorcism, dark divinations, zomboat, killing eve, hulu, disney+, draining the ocean, ska-lee-tal or skeletal, suck,  sigurd the mighty, logbook of terror, russell, just a scratch, dead mail: none! write in! facebook group, j malcolm stewart, which quarantine house, haunted mansion, addams family, myers house, beetlejuice house, pennywise house, rocky horror house, thank you to essentials, teaching school, they wound like worms, naching t kassa, cedar george,  rl merrill, merrils musical musings, lockdown music, in this moment, lords of acid, bigfoot files, lionel, family weekend, kieran, odds and deadends, count dracula scottish castle, frightening flix, kbatz, dead ringer, 1964, live action…

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