HorrorAddicts.net 168, #KillSwitch Authors

by Emerian Rich


Horror Addicts Episode# 168
SEASON 14 “We’re Cursed, Again!!!”
Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich
Intro Music by: Valentine Wolfe


Overtoun Bridge

#killswitch authors | destini beard | the island of dr. moreau


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131 days till halloween

*terror trax: destini beard, love song for a vampire

*catchup: bird attack!

*cursed place: overtoun bridge, dog suicide bridge

*logbook of terror: russell, overtoun bridge

*darkvein manor: by emerian rich with cleo de milo concept by e.m. markoff, rish outfield-ives, kadirah wade-hazel, emerian rich-clara, willow, and eli.  theme music-valentine wolf

*ghastly games: daphne, ultimate werewolf inquisition

*odds and dead ends: keiran, cerberus

*frightening flix: kbatz, the island of dr. moreau

*live action reviews: crystal, the field guide to evil

*the bigfoot files: lionel, wood ape

*dead mail:

***james: nightmare before xmas video


***annie: keanu a badass now? always be my maybe, cyberpunk video game.


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