End of Year Update, 2018

by Emerian Rich

So much coming in 2019!

emz unplugged

Biters, Sweet Dreamers, Readers, and Listeners,

Oh man… I just realized I haven’t updated you guys in a year or so. However, if you’ve been following my main blog, my Facebook, Twitter, or my romance blog, you will know I’ve been busy. 2019 promises to be a much bigger year for my fiction as I have let go of a non-fiction project that was eating up all my imagination time. 🙂 I am also going to be launching two major audio projects in 2019. So, let’s get on with the news. There is tons of new reading and things to look out for in the upcoming months! 🙂 Hope you have a fabulous holiday and your New Year kicks off right.

Thank you for your well wishes and for those of you emailing to ask about your favorite series, I hope this answers some questions.


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