Con-Volution 2017 – Emz Schedule

by Emerian Rich

Come hang out with Emz and all the great authors and presenters at this year’s Con-Volution!

Friday Oct 6, 2017

Alaskan Beading Techniques

The Workshop- Contra Costa 1

Come learn the traditional Tlinget tribe beading used for ceremonial regalia. Bead a patch and take home supplies and knowledge to do more. Emz learned beading from Tlingit natives in Kenai, Alaska. Sewers will find this task easy, others may not.

Saturday Oct 7, 2017

How to Make Origami Stars

The Workshop- Contra Costa 1

Learn how to make cute origami stars for table confetti, room decor, and gifts. See gift ideas like jars, ornaments, and gift decoration.


Make Your Own Coloring Book Page

The Workshop- Contra Costa 1

Whether you are a pro artist or doodler, learn how to create your own coloring book page. From concept and sketch to inking and completion.


How to Build/Run a Magazine or eZine
Events 4- Danville

Want to start a magazine? We will walk you through the steps of concept, content collection, working with content providers, formatting, and completion.

Sunday Oct 8, 2017


Tiny ‘Zines, Comics, & Coloring Books

The Workshop- Contra Costa 1

Moderator Sumiko Saulson|Emerian Rich

Learn how to turn a single sheet of 8 1/2 by 11 paper into a little 8 page miniature comic book, coloring book, or zine about twice the size of a postage stamp. Some go even smaller and make postage-stamp sized 16 page versions. What kind of zine do you want to make? Some people make tiny poetry chap books. Others make little fanzines praising their favorite things. These are great for promotional items, party favors, gifts, or as their own stand-alone zines.

See You There!