My First Story: Arlene Radasky

by Emerian Rich

My First Story
with author Arlene Radasky

Age first started writing: as an adult – 2008
Location of first writing: I was married, living at home, two girls grown and with families of their own. I had done some physical things that I never thought I could do in my life (no one would ever define me as an athlete), and the one that gave me courage to write was finishing a Sprint Triathlon. I told myself that if I could do that, writing would be easy. Right….

2008 rolled around. I had finished my novel that took me four years to write, publish and record. I had an idea in my mind that I wanted to try to write an epic poem. I have no idea why or where the idea of a poem came from but I wanted to try poetry for the first time so after a bit of research about poetry, I started writing “Forever”.

I am 67 now so in 2008 I was 58 years old. Ghost and horror stories have always fascinated me but I honestly do not know where this idea came from. I did not have an experience that lead up to this, nor have ever been abused, but this story leapt out onto my keyboard. Much like my novel did.

There she was, an abused wife who thought she was free of the man who kept her mentally hostage and the voodoo priestess who promised her freedom from her nightmares but instead sent her to the other side and back to the dead man. In poetry form.

I was amazed at how it came out, and am still fascinated with it. I read it and wonder where it came from. After I had written it, it opened doors in my mind for me. I started writing more poetry and short stories, most with dark sides. I’ve had so much fun!

I met Emerian on She and I recorded our work and published it in podcast form. She told me about a Horror Festival she was having in Second Life and I sent “Forever” to her. She wanted me to come read it so she taught me all about Second Life. She rescued me from oceans and zapped me across tombstones. I even met the devil for her. We had fun in Second Life for the next few years.

I’ve been working on a second novel for too many years, but hope to finish it this year.

I am not a dedicated, spend hours-a-day writer, I write when I am inspired and I am so glad that I can. It has been a real ride.

Current work: 

Forever  and I have more poetry and short stories there as well.

The Fox : Absolutely spellbinding, The Fox by Arlene Radasky is a fascinatingly sublime historical romance and fantasy novel that looks at true courage and truly selfless acts. In this epic fiction that crosses centuries, Druid healers at the beginning of recorded time will be rescued from obscurity by an archeologist of the twenty-first century. Jahna’s clan lay in the path of destruction exacted by the Romans. Her fate is sealed unless a bargain is made with the Gods, which without a doubt means a human sacrifice. Two thousand years later, Aine MacRae is on their trail. A struggling archaeologist, she is on the verge of uncovering the village where they once lived, driven by her mind melds with an ancient force. Encouraged by a ghostly visit, she will do whatever it takes to unearth time’s mystery. Greed almost triumphs leaving the truth and ancient stories buried forever, but an undying love is rekindled.

A scholar of ancient history, Arlene Radasky is fortunate to have walked upon each of the seven continents on the earth. For the past two decades she has worked with a number of nonprofit organizations including the American Red Cross and Hospice of Santa Barbara. She currently lives in California and is a proud mother and grandmother.


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