My First Story: Jaq D. Hawkins

by Emerian Rich

My First Story
with author Jaq D. Hawkins

Age first started writing: about 13
Location of first writing: Child living in California with mother and brother


I had been traveling the California coast with my mother and brother, also my crazy aunt.

My first story/Basic plot:

This was effectively a true story, writing about the adventures of a transient life from a child’s point of view. There was a period of my childhood where everytime my mother started to get settled down, my crazy aunt would show up and push her to up stakes and go somewhere else. This led to some interesting adventures which would give social services nightmares these days, but gave me an early grounding in dealing with changes and survival, as well as fitting into different social situations.

What did you think of the story then? 

I thought it was good, until I got it back with a rejection slip.

What do you think of the story now? 

After getting a rejection, I read it again and saw that it wasn’t actually as well written as Reader’s Digest had a right to expect. The original is long gone but many of my adventures get slipped into fiction stories I write now.

How did the story help you on the road to writing? 

It taught me about objectivity, coming back to read things with fresh eyes before submitting. I think it was a good experience for a young, new writer. Rather than feeling discouraged, I determined to get better.

Current work: 

A zany chase through time and space and between the worlds to put the universe back in order, if they live to accomplish their task!

The demon Choronzon was supposed to keep the gate between the worlds, but he has abandoned his post and it’s up to two reincarnated magicians, Karl Spare and Alei-Cat, to captu re him and return him to his post.

A romp through time and space takes these two unlikely heroes through some harrowing portals and surreal adventures where they meet a variety of bizarre personages along the way, but there can be only one finale to the chase for Choronzon!

Jaq D Hawkins was originally traditionally published in the Mind, Body, Spirit genre, but moved to indie publishing soon after releasing her first Fantasy fiction novel. She currently has five novels released and two more in progress, as well as further writings in Mind, Body and Spirit subjects, some of which continue to be traditionally published while others are destined for the indie market.

Information on all titles can be found through her website at

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