My First Story: Kay Tracy

by Emerian Rich

My First Story
with author Kay Tracy

Age first started writing: about 10
Location of first writing: Splitting time between California and Iceland


4th or 5th grade School assignment!  We were instructed to write about a memory.

My first story/Basic plot:

Essentially my earliest memory, a trip to the zoo in Philadelphia.  In my early childhood, I think around 2 or 3 years of age, the animals were kept in large below ground enclosures with (to me at the time, in a stroller) large iron fences.  It seems I stood up in my stroller to get a better look, at the  bears below me. I grasped two of the bars and peered down over the edge.  While I do not recall what my father said to me at the time, I do recall his hands around my middle lifting me up and back from the bars, then setting me back into the seat.

I realize not much of a story, but it was a fond memory of security and safety regarding my father.

What did you think of the story then? 

At the time, I was very proud of this story. Not only for the memory that I had, but the grade was good, and had some pleasant comments on it from my teacher.

What do you think of the story now? 

Other than my memory of it, the story itself, at least my copy of it is long gone. That is not to say I have forgotten about it.  I am sure it was only a paragraph or two, and very juvenile, but it is the first time I was ever asked to write a story, that I can recall!

How did the story help you on the road to writing? 

This is more difficult for me to answer. I know that have positive feedback from my teacher was an essential part of my willingness to put words into stories and write or type them.  There were other teachers who were not so kind.  I think that having a positive first experience allowed me the freedom to not be bothered so much by the negative remarks that many of us have gotten.  Not that I was thick skinned about it, just being able to look at the remarks and try to think about what the person who made them might be missing, and how can I help them find it!

Someday, I might even write things that will get published!!

Current work: 

Nothing yet, but soon! 🙂

Kay retired early from her government job to expand her experiences and do some traveling. While there are stories she enjoys telling and sharing, she is just a little slow to get them written down! 

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