My First Story: C. Le Mroch

by Emerian Rich

My First Story
with author Courtney Lynn Mroch
aka C. Le Mroch

Age first started writing: 6 or 7
Location of first writing: Denver, CO; child living at home


Nothing special that I remember.

My first story/Basic plot:

My first story was apocalyptic in nature, even though back then I of course had no idea of the genre. (Was it even a genre back then?) Two people were left on Earth. They started a new family. Somehow mushrooms were involved. (Likely they killed everyone, because back then I hated mushrooms and gagged even just being in the same vicinity as one.)

What did you think of the story then? 

I thought it was great…until I read it to my mom. Harshest critic in the world. Also my first editor. She explained why the couple could not have 99 babies in two months. (Without even explaining the birds and the bees.)

What do you think of the story now? 

Gotta start somewhere…

How did the story help you on the road to writing? 

It’s always haunted me. Even though I was just a kid and didn’t know about the birds and bees, my mom’s stinging criticism (she was not the gentlest person) ignited a hunger to always do better. It also made me super aware to be critical of the facts in my work and make sure they’re right.

Current work: 

Title: Shadow People and Cursed Objects: 13 Tales of Terror Based on True Stories…or are they?

From the creator of Haunt Jaunts, a travel site for restless spirits, comes a unique anthology where reader participation is encouraged. Inside this book awaits a baker’s dozen of tantalizing tales of terror based on true stories…or are they? You, Dear Reader, will be the judge. See if you can tell what is based on fact or pure imagination. All is revealed in the Truth or Fiction section. But no fair peeking. It’s bad luck to look ahead. With a book filled with accounts of ghosts and cursed objects, you don’t really want to take your chances, do you? Includes stories by: Carl Barker, Alice J. Black, Barry Charman, Evan Dicken, Sean Ealy, Keith Karabin, S. Mickey Lin, C. Le Mroch, Emerian Rich, Ken Teutsch

Courtney Lynn Mroch is the Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism for Haunt Jaunts, a travel site and radio show for restless spirits. Her novels include Beneath the Morvan Moon and The Ghost of Laurie Floyd. In addition to her fiction, she’s a four-time contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul publications. She also writes horror as C. Le Mroch. Under that nom de plume she’s published The Shadow Stalker and edited an anthology called Shadow People and Cursed Objects: 13 Tales of Terror Based on True Stories…or are they?

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