My First Story: Ann Kate Suton

by Emerian Rich

My First Story
with author Ann Kate Suton

Age first started writing: Twenties
Location of first writing: Happily married to the Prince of Dorkness and living in sunny South Carolina


I’ve always wondered what made me write that story. Too many TV police crime dramas?

My first story/Basic plot:

A woman discovers that her husband is cheating on her so she poisons him and frames the girlfriend for the murder.

What did you think of the story then? 


What do you think of the story now? 

Still strange.

How did the story help you on the road to writing? 

Turned me to tech writing. Figured I’d be better off sticking to the facts than to my strange imagination.

Current work: 
Desperate Hearts: In this “what if?” variation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet find true love in a story that starts off with our dear couple happy and hopeful.Until, that is, two villains – each for their own reason – launch a plot to separate them.Darcy is broken-hearted and sure he has lost Elizabeth, but things are not always as they seem. It is up to Darcy’s loyal cousins to unravel the mystery and reunite our dear couple.

As they do, a long-hidden family secret is revealed to explain why Elizabeth is her mother’s least-favoured child.

Ex-New Yorker now living in sunny South Carolina with husband and a houseful of critters. A former writer and editor of computer training manuals and courseware, this is the author’s first published work of fiction. Gardening, vegan cookery, all aspects of tea, Sherlock Holmes, and Jane Austen are amongst the author’s favourite things.

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