My First Story: H.R. Boldwood

My First Story
with author H.R. Boldwood

Age first started writing: 14
Location of first writing: I was in the eighth grade, living in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Atmosphere: I had a huge crush on my English teacher, Mr. Helmick. He was 22, fresh out of college, blue-eyed and gorgeous. He asked the class to write a short story about anything and turn in a rough draft, cross outs and all.  I wrote a horror story (what else) titled, “The Reincarnation of Sir Thomas Moore.” Very gothic. I turned in my rough draft, complete with cross outs, back arrows, and text written in the margins. He scrawled A+ across it and sent a copy to a professor friend of his at Northwestern University. I got a personal invitation from the professor to come for a visit when I was looking for a college.
My first story: Basic plot: Benjamin Moore inherits a gothic manse, moves in, and immediately is taken with a portrait he finds in the attic of an ancestor, Sir Thomas Moore, who bears a striking resemblance to him. The portrait seduces him to darkness, and soon, we see Benjamin losing his mind. In a final fit desperation he sets fire to the portrait to free himself, but the flames spread throughout the room, killing him, and turning the manse to ashes amid the laughter of the very evil, Sir Thomas Moore.
What did you think of the story then? I thought it ROCKED!
What do you think of the story now? Ha! I’ve long since lost the manuscript. I’m certain it must have lacked polish, but it ignited my love of writing. I even went to the school librarian and we looked up a suitable quote to open the story. I chose a quote from Lyke-Wake Dirge, an archaic English poem about the travels of the soul: ‘This ae nighte, this ae nighte, every nighte and alle. Fire, and fleet, and candle-lighte, and Criste receive they saule.’ That was an awesome fit. I was very proud of that story. I’ve looked for it many times. Sadly, it’s long gone.
How did the story help you on the road to writing? I fell in love with writing. I wrote poetry and short stories all through high school. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go to college back in the day. I didn’t have time to think when my kids were little, let alone write. I picked it back up again in 2006 when my mother passed away, writing a poignant flash fiction piece titled, “Sadie’s Choice” that was loosely based on her passing. I attended Thomas More University (such a coincidence!) in 2009 and 2010. I began writing literary fiction and settled into horror because I enjoy the genre so much.
Current work: I have a story appearing in, “Killing It Softly” that I’m very proud of. I also have work that is scheduled to appear in Quickfic, Hyperion and Theia, and a couple of other projects I’m not at liberty to discuss yet. Loving it!

H.R. Boldwood is a writer of horror and speculative fiction. In another incarnation, Boldwood is a Pushcart Prize nominee and was awarded the 2009 Bilbo Award for creative writing by Thomas More College. Publication credits include, “Killing it Softly”, “Short Story America”, “Bete Noir”, “Everyday Fiction”, “Toys in the Attic”, “Floppy Shoes Apocalypse II”, “Pilcrow and Dagger”, and “Sirens Call”. Boldwood’s characters are often disreputable and not to be trusted.  They are kicked to the curb at every conceivable opportunity. No responsibility is taken by this author for the dastardly and sometimes criminal acts committed by this ragtag group of miscreants.

Next time, you’ll hear from author Naching Kassa.

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