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by Emerian Rich

The first official Women of Horror Month activity by me!

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Write Her Story


by Emerian Rich

Betrayed by love, her sentence dealt centuries of imprisonment in the perfumed soil far below the revered sands. A cage for the body, but not her active mind. Incarcerated in a tomb, the smell of incense choking all thoughts of escape, she simmered.
Time passed and voices above spoke of greatness. Awe. Majesty. They did not know the tomb equaled Hell. Her freedom unreachable in a prison of gold and bitumen, she bided her time as worshippers floundered above.
And yet, through the edifice of false grandeur, an innocent mind wandered. Perhaps just of age, this beauty of fine form, ignorant of her exquisiteness, roamed near the Queen’s entrapment. Minds of men in the vicinity sent images of flesh and fantasy, pushing the Queen into wild envy. The girl’s unspoiled womanhood tantalized like the sight of the Queen’s once young pharaoh lover.
A deep…

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