Podcast Voice Accents

by Emerian Rich

People often ask me how I practice the voices for a certain character before I record. It’s really the same as an actress would. I access accent examples through movies, TV shows, and the internet. YouTube is a great wealth of knowledge if you get the RIGHT person who knows what they are talking about to teach you.

I have often joked about my Markham O’Leary accent on Night’s Knights and how one day I am sure that 100 Irishmen will knock on my door and beat the hell out of me.  For Markham’s accent I sourced what I knew about the Irish accent from growing up along with watching movies like Far and Away and an awesome podcast by two Irish dudes that no longer exist. When looking for sources, I’d rather listen to true natives than movies where the characters are being acted by non-Irish speakers.

The video below is NOT a video I studied for my Irish accent, but I remember watching it in the early days and getting a good laugh about it. When choosing to study an accent, you can sometimes feel like this clueless dude in Irish class.

So what is the secret to learning an accent really? Listening and repeating. Do that 100x and you will be good. When in doubt, ask a FB friend from the country to record a sample of the text for you or meet them on SL and have a good chat.

Just remember, as a podcaster, you just have to study as hard as you can and then just let go. No one expects you to be perfect, but you should know enough to make it sound believable. Happy podcasting!