5 Books that Changed the Way I See the World

by Emerian Rich

theoutRecently, I was talking to a friend about my favorite authors and it launched into a discussion about the authors I enjoy reading, versus books that really touched me, made me cry, or changed the way I saw the world. We can all rattle off 10-15 authors we love to read or that come to our minds when we think of books, but it’s not as easy to think of those that really changed our lives.

noeasyHere are five books that really changed the way I thought and managed to bring tears in most cases. I am not going to tell you why I liked each one. I’d like you to read the books and see what kind of effect they have on you. I can tell you that one thread running through them is each of these books deals with a hard truth of life. It’s difficult as an author to bring real-life messages through a fiction setting in a way that will change the reader’s thought process. These did it for me.

  1. annecrytoThe Outsiders, S.E. Hinton
  2. A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens
  3. The Feast of All Saints, Anne Rice
  4. Cry to Heaven, Anne Rice
  5. No Easy Place to Be, Steven Corbin

What books changed your mind about life?