New Anthology: Cherry Nose Armageddon

by Emerian Rich

Scared of clowns? Yeah, a lot of people are. If they freak you out in a good way, check out this new anthology featuring “Sookie the Clown” a poem by Emerian.

Cherry Nose Armageddon

clown coverThis creator-authorized second volume in the Floppy Shoes Apocalypse clown horror series features a wide range of stories and poems, from quiet horror to over-the-top Splatterpunk, and a lineup starring newcomers such as Joshua Laing and horror master Ramsey Campbell. Recommended for Mature Audiences 18+.

Including authors:
Emerian Rich, Mary Genevieve Fortier, Bob Freville, G. Ted Theween, H.R. Boldwood, Thomas M. Malafarina, Russell Holbrook, John Claude Smith, David Schutz II, Rick Powell, Chris Thompson, Alex S. Johnson, Ramsey Campbell, Christopher Ropes, C.S. Anderson, Norbert Gora, Michael Faun, Joshua Laing, and J.K. Wilde.