Music Inspiring Writing: Suzanne Madron

by Emerian Rich

Welcome to my blog series all about how ♫ Music Inspires Writing ♫

Today my guest is Suzanne Madron, a writer and music lover.

Inspiring Music

by Suzanne Madron

When I started writing it was a diary, which was boring in comparison to some journal entries I’ve made since those first small books with small locks and tiny keys, hidden from the prying eyes of younger siblings. By high school my writing had evolved into a series of very artistic notes to friends passed in the hallways. We had a kind of daily newspaper with reports from each of our small group and they included artwork, the ever-popular ‘mood-O-meter’, and technicolor passages if we happened to be bored in art class. In true teenage fashion, we had lists of music we had discovered, and our favorite songs of the day. There was a lot of Nine Inch Nails, Fugazi, The Cure, the Ramones, The Damned, Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Misfits, Alice Cooper, Ministry, Danzig, Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, Killing Joke, KMFDM, Dead Can Dance, Sisters of Mercy, Nick Cave, Shriekback, and then this new band called Nirvana. I know, I know, spot the goths.

In fact, it was because of Shriekback that I got the inspiration for my first novel, Nemesis. They have a song titled “Nemesis” (if interested in seeing the video,you can view it here – caveat, it was the ‘80’s and it is very much an ‘80’s video), and while listening to it in my room as an angsty teen, I drew a picture of what would later become the main character of my Immortal War Series. In my senior year, I wrote the first draft of Nemesis after being tricked into using the new ‘laptop’ computer (read: a giant unwieldy beast of a thing that had word perfect and solitaire installed) in AP English. I spent nine months glued to the screen and listening to music, the words flowing into the keyboard and onto the screen. My English teacher loved it. My theater teacher loved it. The select few friends who got to read the original draft loved it. I kept rewriting it. I created a small soundtrack for it a la mix tape, and the songs were mostly Sisters of Mercy songs at first. The Some Girls Wander by Mistake boxed set took over for the backdrop to my rewriting of Nemesis and the subsequent books, but I needed more. The mix tape made way for the burned mix CD, which was replaced by iTunes.

By then I had been rewriting all of my novels for over a decade. Fields of the Nephilim bumped Sisters of Mercy on the new NEMESIS playlist, and “Darkcell AD” and “One More Nightmare” were on repeat until the Mourning Sun album came out. The playlist evolved and grew as my iTunes library grew, and included all the bands above and absorbed VNV Nation, Covenant, Combichrist (which I used as a soundtrack when writing the short stories that eventually got included in the Cover Stories Euphictional Anthology), Rammstein, KMFDM, Sister Machine Gun, Rosetta Stone, SKOLD, Carfax Abbey, Rome, and Deathstars.

The playlists for the other books are even more varied and include Skruncha-roo, Fever Ray, Paradise Lost, Dethklok, Eivor, Arcana, and Gorillaz, to name but a few. It’s hard to nail my taste down to just one style of music, even, because my pseudonyms all have different tastes. For example, Xircon prefers loud and fast. Punk rock and metal populate that playlist. James Glass prefers Big Band, Dixieland, and old Jazz and Blues, though he’s been known to wander into Nick Cave territory. The lists can go on and on, but this is a decent primer of what soundtrack is playing in my head and outside of it half the time when I’m not plagued by the themesong from Bubble Guppies.

~ Suzanne Madron


Photo on 12-31-15 at 5.47 PMSuzanne Madron is the latest incarnation of Suzi M. She has written several novels, many short stories, and created multiple pseudonyms under which to write. Her more popular pseudonyms include James Glass (The Metatron Mysteries) and Xircon (The Lazarus Stone [Conspiracy Edit]). All of her work can be found on Amazon, and select editions can be found on Barnes & Noble and iTunes.

Suzanne lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, son, and House Panther. In her spare time she likes to turn the step tracker app on in her phone while she’s in the car and let it think she’s a cheetah.

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Thank you Suzanne for sharing your thoughts!

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