New Emz Story in Wicked Gardens by Rogue Planet Press

by Emerian Rich

Emz has a short story in the new book:

wg2Wicked Gardens

By Rogue Planet Press

Wicked Gardens
What a wicked place indeed.
Explore it, if you will.
Many stories of sheer horror.
Each room, another portal to hell.
Each occupant, another soul to claim. – D.S. Scott

Emerian’s story in Wicked Gardens “The Rose Garden” is the tale about a girl who lives with her grandmother. Both named after the Belinda Rose, they tend a garden in the spare room which is against lease rules. As the Super becomes more suspicious, and more liberal with his fascination with the younger Belinda, he learns the garden is more sinister than your average rose garden. Gram is just tending her roses, what could go wrong?

Including the works of: D.S. Scott, Joseph J. Patchen, L.A. Sykes, Mark Slade, Thomas M. Malafarina, John C. Adams, E.S. Wynn, Emerian Rich, Mark E. Tompkins, Tom Pitts, Kenneth Gallant, Gavin Chappell, Stephen Hernandez, Pete Lutz, Suzie Lockhart, and Bruce Lockhart.

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Wicked Gardens