Music Inspiring Writing: Snakeappletree

by Emerian Rich

Welcome to my blog series all about how ♫ Music Inspires Writing ♫

Today my guest is an old friend, Snakeappletree.




“It’s the one thing I have got; and even that is an illusion.”

snake2I am a musician myself so the creation of an experience, a landscape, a world, a soundscape, through multi-sensory is a huge part of what it is all about. I am inspired by a lot of different and diverse musical genres. Taking elements of one and weaving it into another is a natural progressive part of being an experimental musician; I apply the same ethos to literature.

As I saw the post requesting writers to come forward and describe what music inspires them, I happened to be reading this: David Bowie, Outside an album which came out very shortly before I was sent to Art School an event which split up my band and added to the trauma for which many writers and other creatives are famous. Those formative experiences are a large factor in developing the need to express feelings through whatever form.

The references in the wiki about Bowies albums Outside and Diamond Dogs, two albums which have greatly inspired my approach toward both writing and music. Unintentionally I suppose this is a tribute to his recent death from cancer. Bowies ability to pick up something immediately and re-work it is inspirational, an ability which Mozart was also famed. That level of genius is inevitably going to affect people.

Diamond Dogs is based on Orwells 1984 which so many people have said, was intended as a warning and not as a guide. We are facing a near-future where these feelings of impending totalitarianism being engineered around us make us feel insignificant in our ability to do anything about it, to prevent such eventuality. As creative people we remember how the last time Fascism swept through Europe, it was the creatives and intelligensia who were rounded up and shot because they posed a threat to the new rulers.

We can all see that things are going the same way. No amount of writing, no amount of music and singing about it, is going to help change things. That is a sad lesson from history; the only effectual method is as Che Guevara proved, a short bloody coup and instigation of something different, which in some ways is more human while in others is less humane.

These are real issues we need to be facing, instead of wasting our time living in ignorant bliss, making ‘goods to the value; with our highly trained skills and natural talents. The stress of facing reality has an impact on the arts, on our productivity. We are not yet machines. We face the so-called transhumanism evolution which is an enslavement system. We read releases by the military confessing that ufo and alien visitors to this world are actually a reality after all, but nobody cares because we have bills to pay and cannot afford them. We have islamic migration demanding Sharia law to replace Common Law of our Ancestors which itself is ignored by a fascist government. It is a dark time in many ways, and we can see that the hedonistic era during which musicians and writers were able to warn us of the near-future, is gone now.

What can we do, but focus on getting ourselves out of the mess. The strange thing is that this sentiment is felt all across the globe, by the 99% of people who are not the wealthy caste. Were all the notes to be played at the same moment, we would have discord. Were all the words to be written on top of one another, we would have discord. Were all our bodies cells to grow in the same place at the same time, we would have cancer. Were all the money to be placed into the same bank account, we would have starvation everywhere.

The imbalance is extreme now, and as such this awareness is directly feeding both literary works of art and musical masterpieces. For the real artists, those who can see what is happening and permit it to affect their works as inspiration, becoming a time-piece speaking for Our generation. For everyone else there are corporate house styles the same now as they ever were. Kids are discovering this stuff for the first time and experiencing the same elation as the elders did back in the day. I see my own maturing role in all of this and how little an impact one person can actually make on changing the world for the better. We all feel like that because this is a generation of manufactured, socially-engineered apathy.

The typical social response is to blame the victim and sweep it under the carpet. And that is not what we need. We need new socialist leaders to rise and get the message across. We need writers to have an impact on the readers, to energize us to prevent dictatorship. People who have voice and are recognized and not afraid to die for the cause of freedom, or face imprisonment for it; yes, here in the western, civilized world. As a teenager I thought this would be possible through music, through selling image, through writing which would outlive me.

So I listen to music which resonates with how I feel and I create music and words which are the same. I listen to Mazzy Star after a relationship break-up and Solfreggio tones because they are much more impressive than any ego-vibes, no matter how skilled. Healing sounds which clear the mind and allow me to rise up, say what I need to say and feel good about it. Energetically re-programming myself with sacred soundwaves because it serves me better than to buy into some other persons for-profit enterprise.

It does not change the world, but it changes my world. Is that selfish? Perhaps. I do not have the spare income to fund projects and other peoples hedonism, I barely have sufficient of that to fund my own. This is the result of a staged economic recession. Resonant frequencies help me to get through it and they do bring clarity to my writing, a more focused headspace from which I can construct better stories.

And that is what it is all about.


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Thank you Snakeappletree for sharing your thoughts!

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