Music Inspiring Writing: A. D. Vick

by Emerian Rich

Welcome to my blog series all about how ♫ Music Inspires Writing ♫

Today my guest is A.D. Vick, a writer and music lover.

The Music That Inspires My Horror Writing

by A.D. Vick

DSCF1060My protagonist is exploring an abandoned railway tunnel when he hears the desperate screams of a woman in the mist of a ritualistic drumming. Soon he discovers an opening, which leads to a dark and narrow subterranean passageway. As he silently moves through the darkness toward a horror he could never imagine, my ears are filled with the almost thunderous sound of electric guitars creating melancholic minor chords and evil-sounding tritones.

The protagonist reaches the end of the passageway to find a young woman being led to a sacrificial altar by a host of ghoulish creatures. The man stares in amazement as a darkly dressed but regal looking woman approaches the apparent victim, now chained to the stone. The ritualistic drum beat detailed in the story coincides almost perfectly to the heavy beat emanating from my headphones. The accompanying keyboard arrangement is eerie, almost consciousness expanding. To me, the music encapsulates the very essence of the horror I am creating.

The observer, in near disbelief of that which he is witnessing, fires a shot in a vain attempt to save the young victim’s life. The ghoulish hoard turns on him and begins pursuit. As he begins his retreat, keeping them at bay with his firearm, the vocals begin in the music—growls—death grunts. How perfectly these, in combination with the orchestration of the music, work to create for me the perfect horror experience!

Simply put, when I dark romance and horror fiction the sounds of metal, and in particular, doom in its various sub genres, are what put me right there in the action. I like my music spooky when I write. The happy sound of the Greatful Dead will never do.

This is not to say that I never listen to other types of music while writing. There are times when the dark neoclassical music of groups like Dark Sanctuary, Midnight Syndicate or Nox Arcana fit the bill very well. On occasion, I may incorporate some goth rock into my writing experience provided it’s dark sounding or spooky enough. And then, there’s some exquisite classical creations. Rachmaninov’s The Isle of the Dead, Sibelius’ The Swan of Tuonela and Camille Saint-Saen’s Danse Macabre come to mind.

Yes, music is an important part of my fiction-writing experience and I rarely create without it. And I agree with you, dear reader; I’m quite picky about the musical fare when practicing my craft. For me, the sound needs to fit three criteria. It needs to be dark, melancholic and spooky. After all, how can I write about vampires, human sacrifice and ghouls while listening to anything else?


A.D. Vick is a short-story writer residing in Northwest Arkansas and is the author of a book entitled, Tales of Dark Romance and Horror. He operates and authors a blog called The Gothic Embrace, ( ),which features a variety of topics of interest to the goth subculture, and is involved with the maintenance and preservation of some historic cemeteries. Music plays an important in his life and A.D. enjoys listening to and promoting a  variety of genres ranging from metal to classical—the spookier the better! When not working on his projects he takes pleasure from walking through the cemeteries and the woods surrounding his residence on a moon-lit night and spending time at a local pub enjoying craft ales and good conversation.

Thank you A.D. for sharing your thoughts!

So what music inspires you to write? Share yours in the comments below and tune in here next time when one of my friends shares their music inspirations.