The Right Tools for the Job

by Emerian Rich

I’ve posted many times about my office, my pens, my paper…whatever I need to make writing easier, more comfortable, or accomplishable (Wow! That’s a real word?). Despite your best efforts, things happen. Sometimes your tools break. Pens run out. Paper gets coffee or tea’d (Not a real word, but should be!). Notebooks get forgotten. Files get corrupted.

In fact, I recently wrote a letter to a very naughty pen.


But how important is having the right tool for the job? Shouldn’t a “real writer” be able to work without all the stars in alignment?

handYes and no. A “real writer” should be able to write anywhere, anytime, in any mood. But should they? If you are frustrated or in a bad mood, will you write a gem? Maybe. Maybe not. But it’s important to keep writing. Who cares if it’s not award winning scratch? Most people don’t put even 50% of what they write into action. It’s the act of writing, and writing every day that produces an easy, free feeling of being able to write anytime anywhere. Practicing, even a little, every day will free your mind to produce that award winning scratch.

So, come prepared. Have backup pens and alternate ways to record your ideas, but if something happens that throws you off your game, don’t let it be a deciding factor on your writing. Don’t let one bad writing incident dictate what the rest of the day, week, month, or year will hold for your creative outlet.

If you have a bad day, or feel like you’re writing crap that day, it’s okay. Go on. Write anyway. Write a crap story. Write the stream of derogatory thoughts you are having against your pen, story, or yourself. Write whatever you’re feeling that moment. Record the weather. Make notes. Research. Describe the frustrated writer in the coffee shop next to you. Do it. Work through it. You will feel better in the morning and then you can say to yourself, “Geez, yesterday sucked, but I pushed through it. Now, where was I on that awesome idea?”

Keep writing!