5 Promises I Break Every Halloween

by Emerian Rich

As a Horror writer, it’s really easy to torture yourself during the month of October. Yet, no matter how far ahead you plan, this is the busiest month for us. Well here are the top five things you should never do. I promise myself I won’t every year, and yet, every year I fail miserably. How many of these promises can you keep?

  1. Don’t start any new projects in October. Me not start a new project? Yeah, right.

  2. Don’t enter any anthology calls that end October 31st. Talk about stress!

  3. Don’t schedule gigs, events, cons, etc the week of Halloween and especially not on Halloween itself. Especially when your wedding anniversary is the same day. I know you’ve been there. You were smart enough to mark out the last two weeks as “vacation” days, but as the big day gets closer, you squeeze in as many things as you can, marking off each day as you creep closer and closer to Halloween.

  4. Don’t accept any social engagements the last two weeks of October. Just don’t.

  5. Don’t start any new crafts or art projects for Halloween during the month of October – do them earlier! Think ahead. But maybe just one…NO! Don’t do it!

HalloweenThis season, I’ve again broken every single one of these promises to myself. How are you doing?

Happy Halloween everyone, and remember, there’s always next year!