Just Calm Down and Keep Writing

by Emerian Rich

Coming back from Convolution this weekend, I was thinking about writing and how we always give so much advice to newbie authors to try and help them with their craft. Really, talking about writing in general tends to inspire me to write. I remember before my first novel publication, I would go to cons and come home and write for three months straight. But now, it’s different. Writing is a job and although I love doing it, it can become quite tedious. Sometimes you get too inside your head. Sometimes you concentrate too much on the technical side of things and forget our real purpose…to entertain. When you get so wrapped up in the mechanics, sometimes your characters clamp up and won’t tell you their wonderful stories.

After many years, Anne Rice has released another Lestat book. In this clip, she talks about how he finally spoke to her again.

“Just calm down and keep writing…”

And that’s it. It seems almost too easy to work, but it does.

Write everyday.

Write even when you don’t feel like writing.

Don’t obsess about the details at first, you can always go back and fill them in.

Get the ideas down on paper and then worry about tweaking them into something you can tell the world.

And now that I’ve given myself a pep talk, it’s time to go write.