My Top 6 Writing Inspirations

by Emerian Rich

  1. Music: Whether it be Jazz, Darkwave, or 80’s pop, I love music and it inspires me to create. Depending on what I’m writing, I use different types of music to inspire and generate ideas.
  2. Movies: Movies about something I’m interested in or in the time period I’m writing in, inspire me to create a more solid world.
  3. Locations: Beautiful places and scenery are also a big draw. They inspire me to open my mind and think of new possibilities. How do other people live? What do they do day-to-day? What are their interests and philosophies? Also, the sheer grandeur of some nature is awe-inspiring. A massive waterfall or the raging waves of an ocean can bring a feeling of calmness to me that allows my brain to slow down and consider new ideas.
  4. Art: Great art is also an inspiration. It makes me consider my place in the world, question my reality, and if done right, it evokes a feelings of hope and exhilaration.
  5. Books: Ever read a book and wanted to write the sequel? Yeah, me too. A lot of my ideas come from a single line or idea from another book that I think I can expand on or make my own. Great authors inspire others to create, which leads to #4.
  6. Other Writers: I’ve admired writers forever, the way their minds work, the creative juices that are always flowing. My writing friends are just as inspirational to me. Unlike some people who thrill in going out to a bar and drinking or dancing the night away, I am excited about chatting about ideas. Chatting with other writers can get me so excited about my own work that the buzz lasts for days.

What inspires you? Share your thought with me in the comment below.