Seven Things

by Emerian Rich

Author Loren Rhoads recently challenged me to write seven things about myself and being an author. They are as follows.

  1. I started reading as a young child to make money. My parents would give me a penny for every book I read in a year, up to 100. So, I read like crazy, knowing I could make $1.00 if I read 100 or more.1201141335d
  2. My handwriting has changed drastically during my life. As a child, we moved a lot and every school was teaching a different kind of writing. My second grade teacher asked my mother why my stick/ball printing was so horrid. Mom said, “She’s been taught printing, cursive, leftward-slant D’Nealian, had to write with her left hand (hand injury) and her last school taught 50% of her lessons in Spanish. Give her a few weeks and she’ll learn stick/ball printing if you want her to!” As an adult, people have commented on my strange writing…sometimes its proper cursive, sometimes it’s a mix, and sometimes I’ll throw in some weird character that doesn’t match with the rest of the font. This happens more frequently now that I have tendonitis, which makes my hand hurt when I write too much. It also causes handwriting experts to scratch their heads, but it is all a product of my mobile childhood.hand
  3. I read four to five books at a time and rarely buy books anymore because of my review job, my writer friends always wanting me to read their work, and writing my own stuff. If I do buy books, they are usually signed copies meant to support the author and I rarely read those.
  4. The first full novel I ever wrote was an 86-page, handwritten in pencil, YA book about child actors who become involved in a terrorist hijacking. I was eleven.
  5. I never knew I wanted to be an author until I was in my twenties. I aspired to be a singer, but despite that, I always wrote stories in my journals. Mostly dreams of what I wanted my life to become.
  6. My characters talk to me all the time, every day. There is not a day that goes by in which one of them is not nagging me to write.

    Emerian Rich, Heather Roulo, and Laurel Anne Hill at BayCon Writer’s Convention

  7. I really enjoy geeking out with my favorite author friends about books we’ve read or even movie plots and song lyrics that inspired us.

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