My Favorite Things: BUTTONS and BAUBLES

by Emerian Rich

Name: Cinsearae S.

IMG_20150629_111120I remember the first time I started wearing pins and brooches was in elementary school. My mother had a collection of scatter pins, and occasionally she’d let me wear one on my sweater or shirt. I always liked the animal ones the best. Frogs, swans, roosters, rabbits, mice, cats, bees, butterflies… I thought they were so cool and pretty! It was like wearing a ‘friend’ on my clothes —I was and still am a nature lover, and to me, each pin was like me letting that show through. However, peer pressure/rejection and hearing things like “only old ladies wear stuff like that” caused me to recede and shy away from wearing them during junior high and high school.

During my college days, however, the art of wearing pins made a different kind of comeback for me. I began wearing slogan and photo buttons on my bags, and a few scattered on my denim jackets— I especially loved the phrases and sayings that were a slap in the face to society and people in general. Unfortunately, I kept losing a few here and there, as I’m pretty rough on my bags. Talk about annoying, especially when I’d lose a favorite pin! Button-wearing hasn’t left me completely though; I have a cabbie-style hat that’s completely covered in buttons that I still wear…and gets lots of comments every time I decide to wear it.

IMG_20150629_111904Brooches and pins are like ‘wearable art’ to me, having a special aesthetic all their own–and I absolutely LOVE finding vintage ones. I’m constantly haunting flea markets and thrift stores for something that catches my eye. I’m like a magpie; if it’s sparkly, I’ll almost always want it (lol) and the bigger and shinier they are, the better. And I love a chance to cosplay at a convention or event, whether I’m vending or just spectating, because that means I get a chance to wear a lot of shiny baubles!

Sometimes I feel like certain brooches help to inspire my wardrobe, right down to theme and color. Other times, they are just a special accent to an outfit. My tastes in brooches vary from classic vintage from the 40’s and 50’s up to modern-styled brooches ranging from ‘skeleton mermaids’, skulls, bats, and large, ‘vintage-inspired’ pieces. No longer do they feel like “old lady jewelry” to me. They simply add shimmer to my style, and help make the visual statement that I want to make. As far as I’m concerned, wearing brooches (or any sort of big, sparkly trinkets) will never go out of style for me!

I’ve collected over eighty pieces of jewelry (predominantly brooches, of course!) and I’m still going. There will come a time that I’ll have to liquidate soon to make room for new vintage treasures, but in the meantime, I’ll catch you at your local flea market *grin*.


cinsearae s buttons and baubles 2015Ms. Cinsearae S. is Editor/Publisher of award-winning Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, and founder of Bloody Kisses Press. Her hand painted zombie babies, creepy dolls, and steampunk jewelry can be found on (Search: MistressRae13). A huge Vincent Price fan and avid lover of Halloween, her house is decorated year-round. Friend her on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/ YouTube @Cinsearae or visit her virtual home at


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