My Favorite Things: Button Obsession

by Emerian Rich

These are a few of my favorite things…


Emz’ buttons waiting to be included in craft projects.

Fiction writers are an eclectic group of weirdos. I’m saying it outright. If you’ve ever been to an author convention, you know I speak the truth. We are. I’m proud to be a member, but it just has to be said. We’re weird.

Part of our weirdness comes from sitting alone for large parts of the day, writing fantastical tales for readers to enjoy. We spend more time with fictional characters than human beings. Are we trapped in our own fantasy? At times. Do we chat with our characters on a regular basis? Most definitely. Do we know the difference between our fictional worlds and the real world? Well, sometimes.

Being a part of this world is odd and fun at the same time. Writers tend to look at the world differently and therefore tend to collect things. We have stacks of books. We put scrap collages on the wall. We collect items that remind us of our books or characters.

I’ve found that the writer gene often comes with another side effect. The obsession gene. You see, when we’re going to write a book, we obsess about the details. We study the subject matter, the time period, the clothing, the weapons, everything. In fact, by the end of research we can usually tell you just as much (sometimes more) than someone who’s lived the era. Collecting research leads to interest in many topics and therefore leads to collections.

This blog series will explore some of your favorite authors and what they collect or obsess about, because let’s face it, if we told you all the minute details of what we’ve researched, collected, or obsessed about, in our books, you’d fall asleep. Many of us have several obsessions, but don’t worry, we’ll stick to one per post. We don’t want you to go and get sensory overload or anything.

Name: Emerian Rich
Current obsession: Buttons


Photo by Heidi Kaden

When I was a little girl, my grandmother had a big tin with buttons in it. I used to be able to play with them a little bit, but she always put them away quickly so I didn’t lose them. I didn’t really understand the fascination with buttons. Being a dorky little minister’s kid what I normally did was divide them into colors and then play church. The biggest roundest one was the minister, the pretty sparkly ones the choir, silver and gold were the band, and the plain old white, black, gray, and brown ones were the congregation. To play church I didn’t need buttons at all. I could use M&M’s or rocks or beads. Buttons were a cool thing that people collected and I was not allowed to touch. Not much more.

buttons2Until a few months ago when a friend of mine showed me a crochet button pattern and stated simply, “I bet you could make these.”

The fever took hold.

I’m not the kind of person to go halfway. If I obsess about something, I have to have every kind, every color, every size, and every shape. At first I started making only flower buttons, but now I’ve moved on to bracelets, necklaces, ID tags, glasses holders, earrings, flowers, the list goes on.

As you can see by the pictures shown, I have hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds and I don’t see the trend ending anytime soon. I’m sure in a month or a year it’ll be something else.

0630152055It’s important to geek out with your friends online or in person to find people that are interested in your favorite things. Socializing in this manner not only builds stronger personal connections, but also gives you an outlet for your geeky obsession gene. For many of us writers, our obsessions are things we hide in closets or craft rooms, but now I’m asking a few of my friends to share their collections, hobbies, and obsessions with you.

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Do you have something you collect or obsess about and would like to share with my readers? Feel free to comment below or if you’d like to do a post on your obsession, email me at