Pen-o-graphy, Or… God I love my pens!

I have to thank fellow author, Chantal Noordeloos, for reminding me how much I love my pens!

mineFor many authors, their writing implement is a very serious matter. I am no different.

I am a pen snob, I’ll admit it right here and now. I take a pen with me everywhere I go and whether it be signing a credit card receipt, or an autograph, my pen must be one of the few “approved” pens in my possession. Can I sign with the store pen covered in germs and smelling of the under part of someone’s dog? Sure, I can, but it’s not comfortable, and besides…it leaves my hand smelling of…well, you know…the under part of someone’s dog. Ewe.

Pen favorites are not a new thing in the writing world. I didn’t invent this craze. It’s been going on for centuries. In fact, you can even learn the ink recipe that one of my favorite writers, Jane Austen, wrote with. See: The Writing Tools of 20 famous Authors.

But for all you non-writers, just think of what you love, the thing you spend most of your day with. Be it a cat, a favorite shirt, a lover…think if someone tried to replace that thing with a crappy, half used, partly torn, replication. Would you not be upset? Well, to some writers, their pen is their friend. I’ve gone to exotic places with mine, even when I haven’t left my house. We’ve done amazing things, traveled through time, mourned lost friends, even spent some time in bed doing naughty things. No, I don’t have pictures doing these things, read my books you pervs. Now my pen is offended you would think of her in such a way!

Moving on. The point I’m trying to make, and my pen wishes I would get on with it so we can go back to writing that love scene with Mr. Darcy, is that my pens mean a lot to me. In this picture I share with you my favorite pens of the moment. I especially like the ghosty ones because I can keep the little ghosts after they run out. As far as favorites go, the actual pen changes sometimes, but the main attribute is that it be a gel pen that does not skip and has a point as sharp and fine as a needle. I also do not like pens with handles or pocket latches. When my pens run out, they go straight into the garbage the moment they start skipping unless I am lucky enough to be liking a pen that affords refills.

Here are some of my author friend’s pens and why they love them so.

Chantal Noordelooschantal
I write with pens like this, because I’m 5 at heart


Steve Mix

Field notes ballpoint pens go great with their notebooks. Micron Pigmas bleeeeeeeeed ink. When I have to doodle, microns are the best. Two senso brush styli and an Adonis disc stylus for my iPad doodling.

Sarah Stegall

They are ecologically sound: when they run out of ink, I don’t throw them away, I refill them. They provide a different, subtle and resonant feedback from hand to brain when writing down my thoughts. And finally, they link me to every poet, author and essayist who has ever written, before the advent of the computer.


Now, for those of you who like looking at pen-o-graphy, you might be interested also in desk-o-graphy posts I did in the series The Desk of a Writer.

The Desk of a Writer
Featuring my desk with special guest, Dani Kollin.

The Desk of a Writer 2
Featuring guests Laurel Anne Hill and Heather Roulo.

The Desk of a Writer 3
Featuring my whole office with more pics of pens and guest Crystal Connor.

Take care and whatever you do, treat your pens with kindness and respect.

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