My Path to Horror by Emerian Rich

by Emerian Rich

My Path to Horror: Maleficent, Haunted Widows, and Anne Rice.

Come Selahway With Me...

In case you’ve been hypnotized by all the hearts and flowers, February is also Women in Horror Month, which is totally a better holiday and we should totally have our own candy aisle in the store during this time of year. Anywho, I’ve done different slants on WiHM the last few years, and this year I thought I’d give way to some awesome authors who haven’t had the chance to get on my blog and give their pov on the horror genre. Off and on, I’ll probably slide in here and there with some posts of my own, as well as reblogs of some points of discussion I’ve touched on in previous years – you know, to still prove that I use this site or something.

Today’s guest is the awesome Emerian Rich, so please make her feel at home!


My Path to Horror: Maleficent, Haunted Widows, and Anne…

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