The Great Vampire Dispute ~ Kevin A. Ranson’s Vamps

by Emerian Rich

And now, for the last post in this series, vampire author, Kevin A. Ranson. Kevin’s series is called The Matriarch and like many of us, he is a fan of Anne Rice’s work.

Let’s find out more about Kevin’s vamps.


  • Author name: Kevin A. RansonKevin20131228small
  • What is the title of your series? The Matriarch
  • How many books are currently for sale or listen? Two
  • How many total in the series to date? Four
  • What are the books about? “Every October, the freshmen at Glenville State College are told stories about Sis Linn, the local ghost who haunts Clark Hall and the graveyard where she’s buried. Murdered in 1919, she was beaten beyond recognition, the target of a brutal killer who was never caught. Present-day student Janiss Connelly is about to find out that the stories are wrong – and that there are greater things to fear in life and in death than ghosts.”
  • Where can readers buy, read, or listen to your vampire series?

    The Vampire Matrix

    Garlic Fouls the senses Stake Incapacitates but doesn’t kill
    Sunlight/ UV Reveals undead nature; daytime debilitation Holy water/crosses Unknown
    Running water No Drowning No
    Silver No Fire Difficult to regenerate
    Coffin sleep a must? No but must be in earth Homeland dirt a must? Homeland no; in dirt yes
    Decapitation Destroys Do they need to be invited in? No
    Do they sparkle? No Do they cast a shadow? Yes
    Do they show up on film or video? Yes Do they have a reflection? Yes, but they shun mirrors
    Eye color change with hunger? Yes (blackens) Blood tears? Yes
    Die if not fed? No, but will suffer When killed, what is left? Bloody gobbits
    Eat solid food? No Create offspring by blood? Yes
    Have sex? Yes Fertile? No
    Immortal? Seemingly Enhanced strength? Yes
    Enhanced senses? Yes Enhanced speed? Yes but not preternatural
    Enhanced healing? Yes Flight? Unknown
    Shapeshifting? Yes; muscles, talons, fangs, eyes Psychic? Empathic projection
    Mind control? Yes Does their blood heal mortals? Enhances health, confers thrall immunity
    What are their fangs like? Retractable, snake-like fangs
    Skin color when after rebirth: Same at night; corpse in sunlight
    Attractiveness after rebirth: Allure at night; corpse in sunlight
    How do they feed? Living human blood no less than an hour extracted
    What does the mortal experience when fed on? Empathic bliss
    What do they feed on? Human only? Evil souls only? Living blood only; human only; whatever the market will bear
    Do they kill? Or only drink? Do they have a conscious? Not required; a few pints suffices unless damaged; evil is a choice but killing through feeing confers a spark of the victim’s soul to the vampire
    Are there clans or a hierarchy? Makers and progeny


    • How is a vamp created in your world? Transformation triggered when vampire blood imbibed exceeds remaining mortal blood lost.
    • What happens when they are changed? Transforms, dies, awakens with animalistic thirst.
    • Is religion involved in you vamp world and what kind?  Religions have been involved with the affairs of vampires throughout history.
    • Is war or fighting a big theme in your books? Vampires instinctively compete with one another and are aware of another’s proximity; paranoia guides.
    • How did vampires “start” in your world? They were created to fulfill a specific purpose.
    • Who are your characters?
      • Janiss Connelly – chestnut-haired former student turned against her will but does nothing halfway; embraced her transformation and revealed remarkable control for her vampire age.
      • Ian Chrisman – a centuries-old vampire anarchist who delights in movie quotes and playing with fire…figuratively and literally.
      • Parham Haley – a Depression-era aristocrat who plays at being a human businessman when not destroying his own kind for peace of mind.
    • Who is your favorite vampire writer? Much love for Anne Rice.
    • What music goes best with your series? SiriusXM stations Octane & BPM.
    • Anything else to say to perspective readers about your series? Cedarcrest Sanctum: sixty residents; forty staff; one immortal. Vampires don’t believe in ghosts.



Thank you,Kevin, for sharing your Biters with us!

Just because The Great Vampire Dispute
has come to a close,
that doesn’t mean we are done
for vampire news…

Oh no! Far from it!
Check back soon for more vamp content.

Until then, protect your neck and beware
of things that go bump in the night.