The Great Vampire Dispute ~ Killion Slade’s Vamps

Welcome back, Biters, to our on-going discussion of vampires… To sparkle, or not to sparkle, that is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of critics, or take arms against a sea of vampire fanatics, and by opposing them, to die an unrecoverable series death, THAT is the question.

Our next victim is a married writing team who goes by the name Killion Slade. They are a fun team that storyboards their characters inside Second Life as their avatars. Never to be swayed by convention, Killion Slade stands up against the battery of The Great Vampire Dispute’s questions.


  • quite-a-pairAuthor name: Killion Slade
  • What is the title of your series? Exsanguinate – World of Blood
  • How many books are currently for sale or listen? One
  • How many total in the series to date? Three
  • What are the books about?
    “They can’t touch you!” What could possibly go wrong at Orlando’s beloved Global Studios Halloween Scream Nights theme park? Cheyenne O’Cuinn’s task is to study fear even though she is the biggest chicken on the planet. In order to carve out a slice of the billion dollar scare industry for her online role-play company, she researches what causes people to run screaming out of haunted attractions.
    Determined to face her own fear of Oldhouseophobia, Cheyenne confronts her bloodcurdling obsession – the dreaded haunted house. Her worst nightmare manifested, Cheyenne is brutally attacked and left for dead by a rogue vampire. Splattered across the front page of the Orlando Sentinel, Cheyenne discovers her sisters are missing while she recovers in the hospital.
    The ransom call from the kidnapper sets into motion the rabbit hole of a parallel supernatural reality she invades to rescue her family. In a race against the hourglass, Cheyenne confronts a double-agent vampire, a cyberchondriac werewolf, and a mafioso dragon. Can they be trusted to help her, or are they a part of the twisted scheme?
    With her sister’s lives on the line, Cheyenne has no choice but to beat the kidnappers at their own game and ensnare them with her own brand of deception.
  • Where can readers buy, read, or listen to your vampire series?
    Sneak Listen to the prologue and first chapter of Exsanguinate which will release on Audible in November 2014 –

The Vampire Matrix

Garlic Immune Stake Will kill them
Sunlight/ UV If their dynamic allows.  If they have good nutrition, they can handle more sunlight Holy water/crosses Immune
Running water Love showers J Drowning Immune
Silver Will kill them Fire Immune
Coffin sleep a must? Nope – prefer a temperpedic Homeland dirt a must? Nope
Decapitation Will kill them Do they need to be invited in? Nope
Do they sparkle? Only if they put on sparkly eye shadow… no Do they cast a shadow? Yes – they are living vampires until they meet the ultimate death
Do they show up on film or video? yes Do they have a reflection? yes
Eye color change with hunger? yes Blood tears? yes
Die if not fed? eventually When killed, what is left? They can be killed twice.  Once kills the living vampire, the second would kill them in the ultimate death.  Revert to the age their body should be – usually disintegrate into ash.
Eat solid food? yes Create offspring by blood? As living vamps – yes
Have sex? Oh yeah! Fertile? yes
Immortal? yes Enhanced strength? yes
Enhanced senses? yes Enhanced speed? yes
Enhanced healing? Only if they have human blood to help heal Flight? nope
Shapeshifting? yes Psychic? Not unless they had it before
Mind control? yes Does their blood heal mortals? nope
What are their fangs like? They can control them to be fierce and intimidating or functional for eating.
Skin color when after rebirth: The same as they were before only newer
Attractiveness after rebirth: The peak of their attractiveness
How do they feed? Living Vamps can eat normal food but must have human blood to support the vampire DNA.  Non-living vamps only can consume human blood to survive.
What does the mortal experience when fed on? Anything the vampire chooses them to feel.  From absolute terror to absolute euphoria.
What do they feed on? Human only? Evil souls only? Rogues vamps kill and eat anything they want and in way they want.  The modernized vamps choose to hunt their prey with class as to not make a mess.  They do not have to kill in order to feed upon the humans.  In fact, they protect their humans food stores.
Do they kill? Or only drink? Do they have a conscious? Very conscious and proactive thinking about the future and the welfare of their humans.
Are there clans or a hierarchy? More of a hierarchy


  • final-mock-upHow is a vamp created in your world? Living vamps are born into existence, as well as dhampirs (half human/human vamp) – they can also be attacked . If enough vampire DNA is exchanged in the attack, then the change can occur.
  • What happens when they are changed? They turn into a living, breathing vampire who is immortal. Will stay that way until meeting the ultimate death and become the night walker.
  • Is religion involved in you vamp world and what kind? No religion, no cult. Simply another species which live on the planet with all the other supernaturals creatures.  Maintaining a low radar among the humans, just below the fold.
  • Is war or fighting a big theme in your books? Vamps are trying to keep the humans from blowing up the planet, thereby destroying them all.  There is always internal wars, pure blood vampires fighting against rogue vampires for power.
  • How did vampires “start” in your world? Cain and Lilith. We are working on a book where this story is explained and how the Ten Commandments where misunderstood – humans were put on the earth for the vampires sustenance, not where humans were to top of the food chain.
  • What made vampires a reality in your world? Every culture, every country has vampire lore. We decided to integrate the vampires fully into modern human culture.
  • Who are your characters?
    Khaldon Seters – Direct Descendant of Sekhmet the Egyptian Warrior Goddess – many centuries old
    Cheyenne O’Cuinn – Raised as human, attacked at 27 and turned into living vampire
  • Who is your favorite vampire writer? Molly Harper and Christopher Moore
  • What music goes best with your series? It depends on the scene. I prefer music movie scores with dark, haunting melodies to listening to anything with words.
  • Anything else to say to perspective readers about your series? The World of Blood series is a modern take on the “what if” vampires lived among us. It is based upon gamers, software engineers, computer programmers, and other cool global communication employment.  Not your typical 40 year old virgin who lives in his mom’s basement.  Vampires are trying to save the planet from the humans blowing it up, but to do that, the vampires will have to take control over the planet by destroying all the political leaders, military, and governments. In order to save the planet, they have to enslave mankind.

Thank you, Killion for sharing your Biters with us!

Check in next time when I’ll speak
with Kristin Battestella
(‘s very own Kbatz)
about her vamps!

Until then, protect your neck and beware
of things that go bump in the night.

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