Guest Blog: Ambiguous Loss by Emerian Rich

To parents of autistic children, a very honest look at my journey.

Hopes & Dreams: My Writing and My Sons

by Lillian Csernica on November 15, 2014


Emerian Rich is a wonderful lady I met at Convolution 2014.  We both know the joys and sorrows of having a son who is autistic.  Emerian has been gracious enough to grant me permission to share with you this explanation of a condition so many special needs parents endure.  I never knew the name for it until I read Emerian’s article.  I wish you all the same relief and validation I feel now that I understand better what ambiguous loss really is.

My Ambiguous Loss
Giving Birth to a Special Needs Child
by E. Rich

When you have a baby, your whole world changes. Everyone tells you this when you’re pregnant and it’s one of life’s solid truths along with death and taxes, but no matter how you prepare for it, or think you are ready, it always seems to catch you off…

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