The Great Vampire Dispute ~ Billie Sue Mosiman’s Vamps

by Emerian Rich

Next up on our vampire list is author Billie Sue Mosiman. She has a unique take on the vampire lore we know so well. Similar to witch stories, her lead character must choose what sort of vampire she’ll be. Will she be a goodie? Or a baddie? Will she choose violence over peace? Will she go to the dark side, or use The Force for good? The battle between good an evil is in all of us, so this tale’s got a little for everyone.

Let’s find out more about Billie Sue’s vamps and how they will choose.


 The Vampire Matrix

Garlic No effect Stake No effect
Sunlight/ UV No effect Holy water/crosses No effect
Running water No effect Drowning No effect
Silver No effect Fire Hurts, and can kill if prolonged and they can’t get out.
Coffin sleep a must? No Homeland dirt a must? No
Decapitation Kill Do they need to be invited in? No
Do they sparkle? No Do they cast a shadow? Yes
Do they show up on film or video? Yes Do they have a reflection? Yes
Eye color change with hunger? No Blood tears? Yes
Die if not fed? No, but severely weak. When killed, what is left? The body.
Eat solid food? Yes. Sometimes. Create offspring by blood? Yes
Have sex? Yes Fertile? Yes, offspring are combination of human/vampire called dhampir.
Immortal? Yes Enhanced strength? Yes
Enhanced senses? Yes Enhanced speed? Yes
Enhanced healing? Yes Flight? Extremely rare and only by the eldest of vampires.
Shapeshifting? No Psychic? A little.
Mind control? Yes Does their blood heal mortals? No
What are their fangs like? Normal two-fang type
Skin color when after rebirth: Paler
Attractiveness after rebirth: Enhanced
How do they feed? Bite – anywhere.
What does the mortal experience when fed on? Pain and then a gentleness into the deep night of death.
What do they feed on? Human only? Evil souls only? Many feed from vampire owned blood banks. The Predators often kill and feed off human victims.
Do they kill? Or only drink? Do they have a conscience? Some kill—the Predators. The Naturals and Cravens do not kill. A few have a conscience.
Are there clans or a hierarchy? There are three clans or types of vampires. Predators who when they want will kill humans. Naturals who live like humans, never being discovered. Cravens live together in communal housing and rarely go out and never feed from humans.


  • legionsofthedarkHow is a vamp created in your world? Never vampires are rarely made by another vampire. If they are in a family of vampires then around their teen years the disease takes hold due to heredity and during the death back to life episode they choose in a blood dream what sort of vampire they will become, either Predator, Natural, or Craven.
  • What happens when they are changed? They come back to themselves from the changing in the dream and are helped by family to adjust to their immortality and what it entails.
  • Is religion involved in you vamp world and what kind? Though the vampires, even the oldest of them, have no personal perception of God, they know there is one.
  • Is war or fighting a big theme in your books? It’s not a big theme. One war occurs. In the third novel a vampire appears others believe is the Christ of Anti-Christ.
  • How did vampires “start” in your world? It occurred in the beginning of mankind on earth. They have always been a part of the word. What made vampires a reality in your world? There is a group of vampires in England who have been researching their disease to find a way to cure it.
  • Hunter_of_the_Dead_-_Kindle_CoverWho are your characters?
    1.) Dell Campian, a teen in the first novel, turns during her last year in high school. She marries a human and becomes the mother of Malachi, a dhamir, who most of the vampires believe is the legendary and prophesied vampire who would come to change the vampire world where they are all separated into three kinds.
    2.) Mentor is the oldest of all the clans and he helps new, young vampires in their death dreams where they must choose what sort of vampire they will become for the rest of infinity.
    3) Malachi, dhampir son of Dell Campion, suffers the loss of his wife. He must decide to let his mother turn him, by bite and blood infusion, into full vampire so he has all the abilities of vampire in order to track his wife’s murderer—and to prevent a full out war between all the vampire nations.
    4) Ross, the de facto leader of the Predator vampires who runs the blood banks and often squabbles over morality with Mentor.
    5.) Charles Upton, a human billionaire dying of a disease with similar symptoms of vampirism. He searches the world over for a real vampire to help him turn into one so he will never die.
  • Who is your favorite vampire writer? Anne Rice.
  • What do you play to get in the mood for writing these blood-thirsty fiends? No, I don’t listen to music often when writing.
  • Anything else to say to perspective readers about your series? Noting the symptoms of porphria were like what affects vampires, I wrote about how it mutated in some humans creating vampires. I took a medical point of view for the origin. The vampires, especially the Naturals, who work so hard to fit into the normal human world, question their own souls, hoping they have one, and the consequences of their actions and those of the other types of vampires.

Thank you, Billie Sue for sharing your Biters with us!

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Until then, protect your neck and beware
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