The Great Vampire Dispute ~ James S. Hoch’s Vamps

by Emerian Rich

Heading into the holidays inspires us vampire lovers to CRAVE something vampire-y, something (anything) to take away the memories of crowded grocery stores and gift buying.

Just in time, we have vampire author, James S. Hoch. About his vampires, James says, “Remember, Barnabas Collins from Dark Shadows? He was perhaps our first sympathetic vampire who transforms ‘from a frightening creature of the night into the show’s protagonist, who selflessly, heroically and repeatedly risks his life to save the Collins family from catastrophe’ – Wikipedia.  In the Crimson Pursuit series, Reveka shares that protagonist trait and just wants to have a normal life, but her adversary, Mariska, will do anything to end it. Reveka risks all to protect her friends and the secret of the astral vampire plane.”

Calling all Barnabas fans! Let’s find out more about Reveka.


  • Hoch copy 2Author name: James S. Hoch
  • What is the title of your series? The Crimson Pursuit
  • How many books are currently for sale or listen? 2 (Reveka’s Return and Reveka’s Revenge)
  • How many total in the series to date? 3
  • What is the book about? Astral vampire, Reveka Tomescu, returns to corporeal form as a flesh and blood master vampire. Her new life is suddenly shaken by the pursuit of a determined detective as well as one of the deadliest of hunters another vampire.
  • Where can readers find your vampire series? or my web site:

The Vampire Matrix

Garlic no Stake Yes, they can be
Sunlight/ UV Yes, can wear protection Holy water/crosses No effect
Running water No Drowning No
Silver Not a problem Fire Yes,
Coffin sleep a must? No Homeland dirt a must?
Decapitation Absolutely will kill Do they need to be invited in? No,
Do they sparkle? No sparkle Do they cast a shadow? No shadow
Do they show up on film or video? Not sure, never came up Do they have a reflection? No reflection
Eye color change with hunger? Yes, change to red Blood tears? Yes
Die if not fed? No, just lethargic and weakened When killed, what is left? ashes
Eat solid food? A little to be polite Create offspring by blood? Yes
Have sex? Yes, horny and loves it!!! Fertile? Hasn’t come up, possibly
Immortal? Yes Enhanced strength? Very much so.
Enhanced senses? Yes Enhanced speed? definitely
Enhanced healing? Yes Flight? Yes
Shapeshifting? Yes, though avoids it Psychic? To some degree
Mind control? Very much so Does their blood heal mortals? Absolutely
What are their fangs like? Normal 2 fang type, not too long, not stubby, very sharp!!
Skin color when after rebirth: Pale, like porcelain, very attractive
Attractiveness after rebirth: Extremely, change removes all imperfections
How do they feed? Neck or wrist
What does the mortal experience when fed on? Intense euphoria, calmness, and sexual arousal
What do they feed on? Human only? Evil souls only? Human and animals if necessary.
Do they kill? Or only drink? Do they have a conscious? Main character, Reveka has a conscious and only kills if victim is a scumbag. Her adversary, Mariska, will kill anyone that gets in her way.
Are there clans or a hierarchy? Yes, clans. But Reveka doesn’t belong to any.
  • RevekasRevengeCvr250 copy 2How is a vamp created in your world? blood exchange
  • What happens when they are changed? During transformation, pain and confusion, then a bit out of control.
  • Is religion involved in you vamp world? No religion connection
  • Is war or fighting a big theme in your books? Other vamps want Reveka’s ability to return to corporeal form after they die.
  • How did vampires “start” in your world? Hasn’t come up as to origin. Main character, Reveka, was turned by her husband.
  • Who is your top vampire character? Main character is – Reveka. She was turned in the 19th century by her husband. She is attractive, strong willed, and has a great sense of humor.
  • Who is your favorite vampire writer? Jeaniene Frost
  • What do you play to get in the mood for writing these blood-thirsty fiends? Mostly soundtracks from movies.

Thank you, James, for sharing your vamps!

Check in next time when I’ll speak
with Billie Sue Mosiman about
her Vampire Nation Chronicles.

Until then, protect your neck and beware
of things that go bump in the night.