Interview with Emz in Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine

by Emerian Rich

Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine Fall 2014

FALL2014DGRThe Fall 2014 issue of Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine features interviews with authors Emerian Rich, Mark Fuson, Eric L. Davin, Mark Kirkbride, and Carmilla Voiez. Also interviews with Nick Rose, Artist, and Singer/Musician Venus De Vilo, and Krystal Madison, “The Witch of Sleepy Hollow”. Stories, art, and poetry by Christy Poff, A.J. Huffman, C.E. Stokes, A.F. Wickham, Marc Carver, Jason Constantine Ford, George K. Karos, Christina Sylvestro, Roger Cowin, Peter MacQuarrie, Michael Pendragon, E. F. Schraeder, Anupam Sharna, Paula Cappa, Roger Leatherwood, Trevor E. Donaldson, Marie Gilbert, Nicholas Dahdah, and Rig M.

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