The Great Vampire Dispute ~ Dan Shaurette’s Vamps

by Emerian Rich

Next up on our Great Vampire Dispute expedition is Dan Shaurette, author of Lilith’s Love. I read Dan’s book several years ago when we first met. I loved the way he combined his wiccan/magick world with Lilith, who is a vampire anyone could love. This is a double love story told from a male’s point of view. The vampire lore is well-thought out and there is a great respect for magick and faith in this tome.

Now, here are Dan’s Vamps, according to the vamp man himself…

Dan’s Vamps

DanTreeAuthor name: Dan Shaurette

What is the title of your series?
Lilith’s Kiss Series

How many books are available?
1 in print and available at

How many total in the series to date? Plans for 3 in this series, but there are spinoff series planned

What is your series about? Donovan, lonely and getting over the recent death of his parents, asks his friend Christian to move in with him when he relocates back home again to Phoenix from Los Angeles. After the Vampire Hunters find Lilith in New Orleans, she and her Wiccan friend Anna decide to go where they think no one would expect to find vampires — The Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, AZ. Christian, who is also a Wiccan, meets Anna at a Samhain event. The chemistry between them is immediate, and when they introduce their roommates to each other, Don realizes Lilith is not only the woman of his dreams — but that she is the woman in his dreams at night. Two romances are sparked, and now that both couples have found each other, they must fight the vengeful plans of Lilith’s Master.

Where can readers get your vampire series?

The Vampire Matrix

Garlic Irritant, but nothing more Stake Only immobilizes
Sunlight/ UV Burns rapidly to 2nd degree Holy water/crosses Disturbing with faith/intention
Running water Painful to cross Drowning Can’t drown
Silver Stings, can be toxic Fire Kills
Coffin sleep a must? No coffin. Daytime slumber, yes, for most. Homeland dirt a must? Peaceful slumber on dirt, but unnecessary
Decapitation Kills Do they need to be invited in? No
Do they sparkle? No Do they cast a shadow? Yes
Do they show up on film or video? Yes Do they have a reflection? Yes, by willpower, else no.
Eye color change with hunger? No Blood tears? Yes
Die if not fed? No, they would just hibernate/torpor When killed, what is left? Ash if burned. If decapitated, there’s still a corpse. (Which you should burn.)
Eat solid food? Yes, but passes through them, painfully. Create offspring by blood? Yes
Have sex? Yes, and enjoy it. Fertile? Yes, both male & female.
Immortal? Yes Enhanced strength? Yes
Enhanced senses? Yes Enhanced speed? Yes
Enhanced healing? Yes Flight? Yes, most
Shapeshifting? Yes, some Psychic? Yes, some
Mind control? Yes, some Does their blood heal mortals? Yes
What are their fangs like? Top canines extend down
Skin color when after rebirth: My vamps do not have to be exsanguinated, so they will be paler, but not like pallor mortis or anything.
Attractiveness after rebirth: No more attractive than before.
How do they feed? Bite anywhere, then usually hypnotize them to forget.
What does the mortal experience when fed on? Hurts initially, but there are pheromones released such that it quickly becomes ecstasy.
What do they feed on? Human only? Evil souls only? Humans preferred, or if they must, an animal. Blood bags only in emergency. (Blood bags are like drinking water; it’ll keep you alive, but you’ll still be starving.)
Do they kill? Or only drink? Do they have a conscious? They all have a conscious, though, just like humans, there are psychopaths. Most do not kill, but some lose control and will kill.
Are there clans or a hierarchy? No clans/bloodlines (like V:TM), but there is royalty. Large international hierarchy with geographical domains.

LL2010SWcoverHow is a vamp created in your world? Vamp blood has to be drunk and digested and then the progeny has to die. (No sip & kill. The more blood the better.)

What happens when they are changed? After they are dead, the blood in the progeny’s system will trigger the change. If there’s enough vampire blood, their heart and brain will kickstart and the progeny will wake up. After that, any wounds or ailments will heal slowly. (Everything from poor vision to cancer to gaping wounds.)

Is religion involved in you vamp world and what kind? Most vampires question their faith, if they had a religion in life.

Is war or fighting a big theme in your books? Not in the first book, but various factions are introduced in the remaining books. There’s no constant war of humans vs vamps vs werewolves or anything so grand, just turf wars, basically.

How did vampires “start” in your world? I don’t want to spoil this one. I will say, there’s no “head vampire” to kill and they aren’t demons.

Who is your top vampire character? Lilith was turned in 1693 near Salem, MA. Donovan was turned in 1993 by Lilith in Phoenix, AZ. Malcolm is the regent of the Central Arizona domain and was turned around 1400.

Who is your favorite vampire writer? If I had to pick one, then Anne Rice. But she is closely followed by P. N. Elrod.

What music goes best with your series? The best music to listen to while reading is 90’s alternative/goth, like Shakespeare’s Sister, The Crüxshadows, or anything from The Lost Boys or The Crow soundtracks. The music I tend to listen to when writing is the Interview With The Vampire Soundtrack for its perfect moody instrumentals.

Anything else to say to prospective readers about your series? The beauty of the vampire their ability to fit in any niche. Horror, romance, sci-fi, and yes, young adult. From monster to metrosexual, they do it all. Do not shy away from a story just because you aren’t a fan of or familiar with a genre. It’s time to come out of the coffin and drain a new book dry.

For more on Dan’s book, check out our interview from 2012.

Thank you Dan for sharing your vamps!

The blood is the life, the life is forever,
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