The Great Vampire Dispute ~ Tracy Ford’s Vamps

by Emerian Rich

Next up in The Great Vampire Dispute, we have author Tracy Ford who has written a trilogy of books centering around Lilith, Adam’s first wife. Religion is a big theme in her books because Lilith is cursed by God. I just love a little religious conspiracy with my vampires, don’t you? Now let’s find out more about Tracy’s vampires


tracyAuthor name: Tracy Ford
What is the title of your series? Goddesses of Lilith
How many books are currently for sale or listen? One and one on the way
How many total in the series to date? 3
What is the series about? Lilith, the first wife of Adam, finds she must make the choice between obedience and equality. Her decision will change the fate of the world forever. Lilith becomes a beautiful demon, intent on spreading her word throughout the lands, but she finds she cannot succeed alone. As she gains allies from across time she realizes she also makes her own share of enemies. Lilith must find a way to keep her followers growing while her sons plot to destroy her goals. Will Lilith succeed? Or will she fall victim to the manipulations of the Dark One himself?
Where can readers buy, read, or listen to your vampire series?

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The Vampire Matrix

Garlic Not a factor Stake Doesn’t work
Sunlight/ UV Causes sunburn or tan Holy water/crosses Causes laughter
Running water Doesn’t faze them Drowning They don’t have to breathe
Silver Hurts more than wood? Fire They enjoy fire
Coffin sleep a must? no Homeland dirt a must? no
Decapitation That will kill them Do they need to be invited in? no
Do they sparkle? Hell no Do they cast a shadow? yes
Do they show up on film or video? yes Do they have a reflection? yes
Eye color change with hunger? Not usually Blood tears? Yes
Die if not fed? They go insane/feral When killed, what is left? A bloody corpse
Eat solid food? Not usually Create offspring by blood? Yes
Have sex? Often Fertile? Only Lilith
Immortal? Yes Enhanced strength? Yes
Enhanced senses? Yes Enhanced speed? Yes
Enhanced healing? Yes Flight? Yes, they have bat-like wings
Shapeshifting? Not yet Psychic? Yes, they can read the minds of those weaker than themselves.
Mind control? Some, but it is not common. Does their blood heal mortals? Wouldn’t know, this isn’t something they would ever try.
What are their fangs like? This is an aspect I do not really get into. They are not a dominant part of their description, but they are there.
Skin color when after rebirth: Some are pale, some are even more pale, and some retain their human hue.
Attractiveness after rebirth: They mostly look the same, but some do get more beautiful (usually when they are particularly demonic). The “curse” manifests in each of them uniquely.
How do they feed? They drink blood from cups, from those kept alive and hanging in designated rooms (or in cages), and from unsuspecting mortal prey.
What does the mortal experience when fed on? A feeling similar to human orgasm. This also occurs when biting into each other.
What do they feed on? Human only? Evil souls only? Any human is fair game to them, although they have been known to feed on each other.
Do they kill? Or only drink? Do they have a conscious? They usually kill their prey, but they don’t always, sometimes they create slaves out of them. My vampires have a conscious, but only toward one another, humans are seen as only as a source of pleasure or fulfillment.
Are there clans or a hierarchy? Yes, there are vampires who have created a hierarchy and then there is the Dark Brood, who are the truly demonic.


How is a vamp created in your world? Vampires are created when one of them drains a human of all their blood and then feeds them drops of their own in the traditional manner.

What happens when they are changed? When created, they are struck by an unbearable pain. The bones of their back break and tear from their skin, folding out from them. Their skin pulls and tightens over the bone, to create large bat-like wings. Their eyes turn black and in some cases, so does their hair. Large claws grow out from where their human nails once were and they cry out in agony. When it is done, they are left trembling in a pool of their own blood, naked and hungry.

goddessesIs religion involved in you vamp world and what kind? My books are seeped in religion. Lilith is the first woman created by God and she is cursed by Him. She goes on to build temples of her own and is worshipped as a Goddess. Those from her temples who are created become the next Goddesses and create their own temples of worship, which is how they are brought human blood to feed on. Ishtar, Hel, Nephthys, Isis, and Anath are examples of Goddesses I have used as characters in my series. Lucifer also has a very large role.

Is war or fighting a big theme in your books? Yes. My books take place in the ancient world, where war was common and knowing battle was expected. In my second book, Sons of Cain, war is a major theme and there is a large battle between vampires and werewolves.

What made vampires a reality in your world? Lilith was cursed by God for attempting to leave Adam and the Garden of Eden. She is the first created, but she is not “tied” in blood to the rest. Her death would have no effect on the others. Cain was also cursed by god and became a demon like Lilith. Together, they have three sons, which Lilith bears as a human woman would, and these three boys are the first vampires of the world.

Who are your top vampire characters?

  1. Lilith- She is smart, tough, manipulative, and beautiful in her own demonic way. As time goes on, she becomes a bit insane and it makes her unpredictable, which I really enjoy. She was created by God as the first woman and is “saved” by Lucifer himself. She was cursed for believing all women are equal to men and she spreads her words of female equality throughout the lands.
  2. Almóðr- This character was a human Viking found on the beach by Lilith’s son, Enosch. I call him The Pale Beast b/c when he was created, his skin turned very pale, his hair turned white, and his eyes became the glazed over stare of death. He is particularly brutal and is used as Enosch’s assassin. He has only one love in his life and that is the Goddess, Hel. Almóðr was created in the early Middle Ages.

Who is your favorite vampire writer? Anne Rice, I find that we have a lot in common in the way that we create our stories and view our characters.

What music goes best with your series? The biggest influence for Goddesses of Lilith is Dax Riggs. His dark, dreamy music really influenced the writing of my book and always inspires me. For the next book, Sons of Cain, I had to get into a much darker place. I listened to the band Cancerslug mostly, which is a really brutal punk band.

Anything else to say to perspective readers about your series?
The first book, Goddesses of Lilith is a collection of five short stories, placed together into one novel. Each section of this book tells the story of a particular vampire Goddess, yet they all flow together, intermingling as one story. It is very pro-feminine in nature and takes a look at ancient mythology in a different perspective.

Sons of Cain is the masculine side of the story. It follows Cain when he leaves Lilith and tells the tale of the men. It is more historic in nature and includes much more war, sex, and violence. These vampires are not nice, they are demons, and they follow the rules and ways of Lucifer. Other beings, such as werewolves and fallen angels, are also part of these stories.

 Thank you, Tracy, for sharing your vamps with us!

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