Rich and Roulo Volume 2: RUINS

by Emerian Rich

Brand new reading for the holiday weekend!

Rich & Roulo


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Rich & Roulo, Volume 2 : RUINS
R U I N S: (noun) the physical remains of something that has decayed or been destroyed.

Authors Emerian Rich and H. E. Roulo come together to bring you Rich & Roulo, a fiction series harkening back to vaudevillian days where madness bordered on greatness, misery became wisdom, and beauty was found in even the most broken doll. 

In Rich and Roulo’s second volume, the woeful tale of a kidnapped princess and the story of an unwilling hero, join the poem of an ancient and powerful goddess to bring you RUINS. Set in exotic locations, these fables explore earthly concerns of love and life against a backdrop of death. The volume makes you wonder, once death has you, is there anything left? Or were we ruins to begin with?

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