SD2: Star Struck, Now Available on Kindle

by Emerian Rich

My romance side has been busy, busy, busy!

Sweet Dreams

starstruckStar Struck – Now available in print from

Or in Kindle format

Now you can enjoy Star Struck in audio, print, or Kindle versions. if you buy the Kindle version, you can loan it out to friends and if you buy the print version at, you can get the Kindle version for just 99 cents!

Three days is not very long, but to Victoria, who’s been away from her new love Rob Malloy, it seems like forever. Returning from Colorado, Victoria reconnects with her friends, finding one particular friend isn’t too happy about her having a high society boyfriend.

Imagine waking from a nap to find your favorite boy band star sitting in the chair across from you. That’s what happens to Cynthia Porter. She can hardly believe she isn’t dreaming when Derek Montgomery shows up at Rob’s apartment.

The initial shock gives way to real mutual admiration…

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