Phobias: A Collection Of True Stories

by Emerian Rich

This is a recent review of a book I am in called “Phobias”. It was kinda terrifying re-living my monkey phobia for all the world to see, but I think now, if anyone asks why I can’t stand monkeys, I can just shut my eyes and point to the book. Hehhe.

20588398 People all over the world suffer from phobias. What may seem like an irrational fear to one person makes life unbearable for another. What causes phobias is unknown, what causes a phobia for one person wouldn’t affect another. Everyone has their own story on what caused their phobia and how they deal with it. In the book Phobias: A Collection Of True stories from Hidden Thoughts Press  you get a glimpse of how eighteen authors have learned to live with their phobias.

Phobias: A Collection Of True Stories has a range of stories that are funny, sad, scary and inspiring. In the introduction Mary Harris points out that phobias may be  evolutionary such as being scared of spiders (arachnophobia) which seems to the most common phobia in this book. During ancient times people knew spiders were dangerous because some were poisonous and this trait was passed down through a person’s…

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