What it’s like to be a writer’s soul-mate.

by Emerian Rich

laurel-anne-hill-photo-for-rs-blogLaurel Anne Hill is a writer whose many short stories have appeared in a variety of publications, most recently in the anthologies Fault Zone, How Beer Saved the World, A Bard in the Hand, Horrible Disasters, and Shanghai Steam. Shanghai Steam was nominated for an Aurora Award in 2013. Her award-winning novel, Heroes Arise, is a parable about timeless ideals. In a world where justice is achieved through careful customs of vengeance, Gundack pursues love and the preservation of his honor. But can he break the cycle of vengeance? Can he reach into his personal darkness and find the light of reason?

I met Laurel at a writer’s workshop during Baycon. We had both submitted stories to be reviewed and I knew as soon as I met Laurel, she was an author to watch. After collaborating on several projects, Laurel and I have become fast friends. The thing I always love about seeing Laurel at a convention or event is her wide smile and her trusty companion, her husband David.

Laurel says, “I met my husband, David, when I interviewed for a job as a medical laboratory technologist in 1968. He, a pathologist, offered me that professional position and I accepted. Seven years later we married. Various jobs have come and gone but our love for each other remains a constant. David is proud of my status as an author and I am proud to have him standing (or sitting) by my side.”

David puts it simply, by saying, “I’m a lucky man.”

I love seeing them together at events because they are the cutest couple and you can tell they really enjoy and care for each other. Gives us hope in these days of divorce and separation! Now we get to hear David’s side of the story as he tells us what it’s like to be a writer’s soul-mate.

Laurel, David and Snakey

What it’s like to be a writer’s soul-mate

How did you and the writer meet?

I met Laurel at a job interview in Oakland, California. I interviewed and hired her.

Was she a writer before you met her?

She was a writer, but I didn’t know it.

What are the best and worst things about knowing Laurel?

The best thing about knowing Laurel is X-Rated. And the worst? She’s often very busy and doesn’t like to be disturbed. I can’t think of any adverse effects, although when her novel (Heroes Arise) was published, a trade show commitment kept us from attending my 50th medical school reunion.

What was the best event you attended with Laurel?

The recent World Fantasy Convention in Brighton, England, was my favorite. Before the convention began, we were able to meet some of my British relatives for the first time.

What was the worst event you attended with Laurel?

We attended one science fiction/fantasy convention where the hotel’s restaurant closed on Sunday. We had no rental car and the neighborhood contained no nearby options for obtaining food. We finally hiked to a liquor store/tobacco shop and purchased some crackers and cookies.

Is there anything you wish you could help Laurel with, but it’s out of your control?

I wish I was a better cook and could help her out that way.

What is your favorite story by Laurel?

ShanghaiSteam FOR SMCF“Moon-Flame Woman,” a short story in the anthology, Shanghai Steam. The young woman (Cho Ting-Lam) in “Moon-Flame Woman” did a lot of wonderful things, as does Laurel.

Do you ever fear Laurel will use something about your life in a story?

No, and she has done so already.

Did you ever read something written by Laurel and think… HEY! That was what we did!

Laurel reminded me about a seduction scene she had written after we had blocked the “choreography” of the two characters together.

Does Laurel tell you about bad reviews? If so, how do you help her cope?

She seldom receives a bad review. When she does, I just stay out of her way.

When Laurel gets a good review, a kudo of some kind, finishes a novel, or gets another published, how do you help her celebrate?

I cheer for our team and open a bottle of champagne.

Besides the writer, who is your favorite author?

I read mostly works about history and/or science. Among my favorite novels are Labyrinth by Kate Mosse, Inferno by Dan Brown, and the works of Dorothy Dunnett.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Laurel has had many careers, all of which have been of interest to me. I’m a lucky man.

Thank you David and Laurel for sharing your life with us. We wish you many more years of marital and writing bliss! 

Find out more about Laurel at: laurelannehill.com