Emz Fun Halloween Traditions!

by Emerian Rich

Halloween is such a great time of year! It’s so magical and fun. ūüôā

Here are some of my Halloween Traditions. After reading, please share yours in the comments!

  1. Decorate mini pumpkins for all my work group chums. I usually use sharpies to draw their favorite things on them and then place them on their desks as a surprise the next time they come in the office.
  2. Buy Halloween magazines!¬†I always buy Martha Stewart’s. Great ideas for now and all through the year!
  3. Decorate the house. Most of our ghoulies and ghosties stay up all year, but this is the time when I buy window decals for the front windows of either eyes or skellys or ghosties!
  4. Decorate my desk at work. I love making little ghost chains or bat chains to hang about my desk at work. A little webbing and lights adds just a touch of happiness to the work day!
  5. Tape the Season Finale of HorrorAddicts.net! It’s always a fun show to do, but for the Season Finale, there is always a happier spark in the air. We usually dress up – whether it be on Second Life or in the studio and there is always pumpkin spiced drinks to be had by all! The energy in the air makes the show delightful!
  6. Troll the makeup counters and drug store kiosks for Halloween makeup! There are certain brands and products that only come out once a year. Only the really good black nail polishes and silver sparkles show themselves in October and if you’re lucky, sometimes you can find a gold eyeliner or mummified powder too!
  7. Go to the craft stores for early treasures and early sales! The craft stores always start early with the Halloween stuff. Generally right before school starts, they are stocking the orange and black. Because they need to make way for the Yule stuff, they also usually have early sales!
  8. Watch Halloweeny movies and hand out candy. With the lights all out, and Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice, Addams Family, Hotel Transylvania, and other fun dvds lined up to watch, we sit under blankets as the kiddies come a-knocking! I also make caramel apples and cider. Caramel apple tip: Always use the yellow golden delicious, they taste the best and leave them in the oven a little longer till the apples get really warm and cooked.
  9. Make Halloween crafts with friends. Whether they be Halloween ornaments or beaded sugar skulls, there is no shortage of Halloween crafts at Emz Manor!
  10. Visit stores I don’t always go to when buying up Halloween sales! Not only do I go shopping the day after Halloween at my favorite shops, I tend to also check out the sales counters at places I don’t usually go such as kitchen stores, specialty shops, and boutiques. Chances are, I will find some goodies that I won’t find anywhere else. Another tip… if the store does not have any Halloween goodies out or you don’t see them, ask… A lot of times they have them stashed in the back and they have incredible markdowns! I once bought an entire box full of Halloween goodies from a mall jewelry store for $10.
  11. Honor those who’ve passed on. Whether you celebrate Samhain, The Day of the Dead, or All Saints Day, this time of year is an excellent time to honor your loved ones who have passed on. I like to have a Dumb Supper and set an extra place for my grandparents. If you have friends over, make sure they bring a picture of their loved ones and allow each person to tell a funny or memorable tale about that person.
  12. Celebrate our wedding anniversary. I was lucky enough to find the most awesome man to share my life on Earth with. ¬†Halloween has always been a special time for us. We both love the day and it was the day of our first date.We got married on Halloween¬†among¬†friends and family dressed in costume. Instead of a¬†processional¬†line, they trick or treated at the head table. It’s always important to me to spend some time this time of year with my husband “unplugged” so he gets my full attention.¬†
  13. Rejoice in scarf weather! Normally, this season is when the cold rolls in. Fog blankets the city and scarves are a must-have. Even though hot weather has encroached on our normal fall cool, I still got my scarves out, hoping to use them soon!